The Mindy Project 3×14 ‘No More Mr.Noishe Guy’: And baby makes three

Peter Goodbye

I’m not sure there will be another episode this season as important as “No More Mr. Noishe Guy”. In just thirty minutes the episode says goodbye to an extremely important character and drops a huge bombshell on us at the end.

Let’s start off with the goodbye: Peter, in an attempt to get Lauren back, decides to move to Texas to be with her. Although Lauren give a few hints that she would be fine with Peter moving, I wish they had sent the character off with a more concrete future. Following your heart is wonderful, but would it really have been a huge hassle for Peter to fly down there, confirm she wants him, and then come back to New York to grab the rest of his things? However, his sudden and random dash off to Texas does feel perfectly in character, as Peter is known for trying to make plans that aren’t all the way thought out.

While the entire staff of Shulman and Associates were clearly going to miss Peter, no one would miss him more than Mindy. Peter and Mindy finally confessed what the entire audience had known for the past two seasons: that they were best friends. It’s just a shame that we won’t be able to see any more of their friendship, since Peter is heading off to Texas. But before he left he gave Mindy a very special gift: he told her she was pregnant.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Just like that, the entire dynamic of the show changes. Mindy and Danny are going to be parents. Those two doofuses, who can barely manage themselves, are going to be in charge of caring for a human being. Good luck to their baby.

But in all seriousness, I do think that having a baby will provide some good material for Mindy and Danny. Normally babies aren’t a very good element to add to comedies, but neither are couples getting together. Look what The Mindy Project did with the tired “stable couples are boring” troupe. Instead of being a boring couple, Mindy and Danny were the most hilarious they’ve ever been. It’s also allowed us a deeper glimpse into their characters, as Mindy has gotten unusually serious and Danny has gotten more emotionally open when it comes to relationship problems.

So I’m crossing my fingers and predicting that this baby leads to great episodes. In fact, I’m hoping we’ll start next week when (I’m assuming) Mindy tells Danny she’s pregnant. I honestly can’t wait to see the look on Danny’s face.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Notes and Observations

  • In what might be the week’s most adorable moment, Danny insists on wearing a bike helmet when he goes outside, so he doesn’t get hurt during any possible earthquakes.
  • Second most adorable moment: Danny getting excited about ringing the streetcar bell.
  • Mindy attempts to carve (what I assume) a swear word on an ancient Redwood tree and her cheerful obliviousness at how awful that was made me laugh.
  • Mindy calls Danny her “little meatball.”
  • Jeremy continues his ignorance of American states by asking if Texas is “where Boston is”.

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