The Mindy Project 2×25 ‘Freedom Tower Women’s Health’: The saga of bad decisions continues


Bad decisions are the foundation of TV. If we didn’t have bad decisions, we wouldn’t have had some of the greatest shows of our time. (What if Walter White hadn’t cooked meth? What if Ned hadn’t left Winterfell? What if Michael Bluth hadn’t tried to save the family business?) While they hurt the characters we love, they make for great stories. This is good news for The Mindy Project’s audience, it’s bad news for Danny Castellano.

Actually, the only one who makes good decisions in this episode are Mindy and Morgan. Mindy’s pretty straightforward: she knows she likes Jody, and once he breaks up with Courtney she wants to date him. On one hand, this could come off as a quick way to pair Mindy and Jody up, but it makes a lot of sense. This season has seen Mindy mature and evolve in her dating life; she knows what she wants now, and she goes for it. She’s also not willing to take any drama from the men in her life. When she realizes Jody has chlamydia, she immediately throws him out of her apartment.

If Mindy being more straightforward is surprising, Morgan actually having common sense is downright shocking. He acts as the conscience of the episode, from letting Danny know he can’t decide who Mindy dates, to telling Mindy that Jody has chlamydia. On one hand, this might mean Morgan’s finally getting wiser. On the other – and more probable – hand, it might mean that Danny’s problems are so obvious that even Morgan sees trouble looming.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

Danny’s always had a problem with living in denial. He denied his feelings for Mindy for so long that he almost lost a chance to date her; he denied trying to reconcile with his past, preferring to push down uncomfortable feelings; and now he’s denying that he’s still in love with Mindy. It’s clear that Danny’s making a huge mistake in marrying Sarah: even if the wedding wasn’t just months after he left his relationship with Mindy, she still gives off massive warning signs. She’s obsessed with Mindy, she’s uncomfortable with Danny’s former relationship with Mindy, and Danny even describes being with her as being no fun. Heck, she even looks like Danny’s first wife Christina, signaling that Danny’s about to walk into another upsetting and ultimately doomed marriage.

It’s telling that even though Danny gets what he wants – a relationship where no one argues and Sarah agrees to have children – he’s still not happy. He got what he thought he wanted, but it’s making him miserable. Even though he’s been a difficult character to like at times, I still feel sorry for him. He’s realizing that what he wanted and what he needs are two completely different things, and he’s in such denial that it seems unlikely he’ll see the light anytime soon. Things have never looked bleaker for The Mindy Project’s characters, but I bet their unhappiness will make a great season finale for us. I can’t wait to talk about it next week, and what might come next.

Notes and Observations

  • Tamra wins line of the week: “Dr. L sure has a type. Coworkers who are annoyed at her all the time.”
  • Danny has a healthy eating newsletter: “Dan’s Kitchen.”
  • Colette’s entire motivation for pairing Mindy and Jody up: “She’s not Courtney.”
  • Dot’s back! Hi Dot, I missed you! (I also miss Annette.)
  • “…I’ll have to rely on another STD: a straight truth delivery.” I couldn’t help but laugh at how Garret Dillahunt delivered that line. It’s so purposefully corny and he knows it.

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