The Mindy Project 2×24 ‘My Kid Stays in the Picture’: One step forward, two steps back

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This week’s The Mindy Project was incredibly frustrating for me, because it backtracked on the character progression of just last week’s episode. I enjoyed “There’s No Crying in Baseball” because it referenced how the show (and Mindy Lahiri) were trying to bounce back from Danny leaving. It looked like Mindy had made progress when she opened up to the idea of a serious relationship with the sporty, kind Drew. It was a big moment for the character, as she had been having only short term relationships in the wake of breaking up with Danny. Not only did this make the story seem repetitive (it seemed like every other week we would meet a new love interest, and then they would disappear), but it made it hard for any new love interest to stand out. This is why I was so relieved when it was implied that Drew would be on the show for more than a few episodes.

However, this week’s episode had Drew depart after Mindy realized that he viewed spending time with Leo as an obligation. In the previous episode though, he was excited about meeting Leo and seemed genuinely disappointed when Mindy was hesitant for them to meet. Granted, maybe he acting excited for Mindy’s sake, but it still seems like an odd change in character. It seems even more odd because the episodes are right next to each other. It’s hard to buy Mindy and Drew’s breakup when just last week Mindy was finally learning to let Drew into her life, and they were reaffirming their relationship.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

It’s possible that the writers needed to write Drew out so that Mindy and Jody could finally realize their feelings for one another. One of them was bound to make a move before the season finale (which is in two episodes), and it didn’t surprise me when they kissed at the end of the ep. While I’m excited about the directions the writers could take this pairing, I also wish that they could have paced the story better. It feels as though the writers rushed the storyline with Drew so Mindy could have a relationship with Jody. I wish the writers used at least one more episode this season to establish Mindy and Drew’s relationship, and the reasons for their break-up.

Still, I’m interested to see how Mindy and Jody handle the aftermath of their kiss. While we’ve seen great strides in maturity from both this season, they can still be prone to irrational (and hilarious) actions when nervous. I have high hopes for the next episode, I just wish the writers didn’t have to rush the story between Mindy and Drew to get there. 

Notes and Observations

  • “Jeremy, I need a vendetta day. Where are my brass knuckles?” For about ten seconds there I thought the episode was going to take a really dark turn.
  • “Kimball-Kinney women don’t go insane until their 40s.” I love finding out more about the incredibly weird Kimball-Kinney family, including the fact that apparently they’re all destined to go insane.
  • On the other hand, I was not a huge fan of Forbes. He didn’t make much of an impression on me, and as I didn’t really care about the whole “Jody cheating with Anne-Marie” plot, I wasn’t on the edge of my seat to find out if Jody ever told him the truth.
  • “Sleeping with Anne-Marie is the worse thing I ever did, and I once shot and ate a bald eagle.” Jody WHY?
  • Props to Jeremy for being an awesome acting coach for Leo. It was adorable and I want more time devoted to Leo and Jeremy bonding.

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