The Mindy Project 1×01 ‘Pilot’: Where have you been all my life?

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I submit that this show is exactly what every girl wants to watch. Every girl that has a soul, that is, since it’s basically a romantic comedy wrapped up in a TV show. It has all the clichéd, but necessary and still comedic elements: the too-smooth idiot whose charm we’re immune to, yet our heroine is not (Jeremy), the tactless man’s man that she’s totally going to end up with when she’s not such a mess (Danny), and the suspenseful scenarios the protagonist finds herself in when her life is on the line (running to the hospital to deliver a baby because she can’t hail a cab). Though one of the reasons I love TV is the unpredictability factor, I’m really looking forward to this show.  What I didn’t see coming was the scene where she bikes into a pool, though I may or may not have forgotten if that was in the previews.

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I really want to see more Stephen Tobolowski because I LOVE HIM, and yes, you should imagine me saying that in my best Sandy Ryerson sing-song voice. I also love the good hot casting of Chris Messina and Ed Weeks, though I’m unfamiliar with their previous work. Animal Practice could take a note from this show (Justin Kirk had to have been cast by a man). I found it odd, but hilarious, that Bill Hader and Ed Helms guest starred as her “crushes,” but they’re kind of cute so I can dig it. I’m also very into this underdog theme they have going on. Mindy is a girl in a man’s world (Though my OB/GYN’s office is nothing but women, all my friends go to male doctors), and not your usual stereotype of a girl, aside from her chick flick obsession. They played up the latter with the classic scenario of the ethnic girl getting dumped for a blonde. I say classic because I’ve been there and cried over that, but it’s nice to finally see it on television.

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Though they try their darnedest to make Danny look like a total jerk (Hello, when you comment on a woman’s weight, you’re the one that ends up looking ugly), I’ll say it again: You’re not getting anything past me. It was rather cheesy, though adorable, that she took that she took his advice and changed her date attire. My favorite joke of the night was definitely when she tells her new patient that “spinning” is “one of those things that moves your life forward,” when both the name and the stationary bike contradicts the sentiment. I get the feeling that Betsy will turn into one of those assistants that desperately wants to be your best friend, and though it’s been done before (I’m thinking of Missy on Up All Night, most recently), I think they’ll lose a lot of comedic value from her character otherwise. However, she does have the random factor with the turtle at the front desk. But who the heck is Carl? I’m assuming a GBFF, but why aren’t we introduced to him in the pilot?

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Basically, I love this show because Mindy is me. I love staying home, unless it means having to cook my own food, and I have a hard time turning people down, which is why I avoid mall kiosks like the plague. I’m totally counting the days until the show premieres for realsies on September 25. Though I think the title could use some work (at least her character’s name is actually Mindy), this girly comedy makes up for the fact that Dating Rules from my Future Self still hasn’t become a real show. Where’s the Blue Fairy when you need her?

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