The Middle 7×14 ‘Film, Friends and Fruit Pies’ : “Always friend down.”

This week, we have Axl struggling with work, Sue realizing that her perfect roommate maybe isn’t so perfect, and Brick morphing into a tyrannical little psychopath. I know which of those I found most interesting, how about you?

On it’s face, tyrant Brick sounds funniest. Because it is, despite some missteps. Budding director has a video project for school, chooses to recreate a soap opera filmed decades before he was born. Because of course that’s what Brick would do. He recruits girlfriend Cindy and new buddy Troy to help with this. I didn’t enjoy Cindy as much as I normally do, probably because I was distracted by Brick being a twerp. There are a bunch of scenes where he’s a jerk to his friends, none of which are especially enjoyable to watch. When it comes though, the payoff is worth it. One, we get to see Brad again, always a joy. Two, we get to see morbidly over the top Brad saying morbidly over the top soap opera lines to Frankie. I sometimes knock her mothering skills, but the woman does stand in the gap to help her son after his twerp episode. Also, there are few things funnier than watching a good actress like Patricia Heaton pretending to be a terrible actress while reading terrible lines. Another also, this is basically all Frankie gets to do in this ep, which sucks, even though her one good scene is very good.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Sue moves in with her friend Lexi, which seems like a dream arrangement, given how sweet and dorky they both are. Problem, Lexi is rich and keeps wanting Sue to pay her share for a bunch of ridiculous things no college freshmen can afford. Awkward situation, painfully relatable to anyone who’s ever had to, as Mike says, “friend up.”

I kind of thought this would end on a more interesting note. We’d find out that Lexi isn’t rich at all, just abusing her parents’ credit cards. Or, not rich at all, just using Sue to pay for things. Turns out, Lexi was indeed rich and simply had no concept of how regular people deal with money. And when Sue told her she couldn’t afford all the crazy stuff, but also couldn’t let Lexi pay for everything? Lexi understood. They worked around it. No twist ending, but I surprised myself with how pleased I was by it. That is real friendship. That needs to be seen more in media. Go writers for making with the positivity.

Axl befriends his boss, which is a good thing until it isn’t. This was my least favorite storyline, partially because Axl’s usually are, partially because I wasn’t wild about the actor portraying his boss. There were some funny lines though, and I’m always glad to see Axl in new environments like the office, not perpetually drifting between the college campus and the Heck place.

Friendship was the theme of the week, with Brick having to apologize for hurting Troy and Cindy, and Sue learning to be honest with Lexi. It wasn’t the funniest ep we’ve had, not at all, but the messages it contained were important and awesome, making the final product fairly enjoyable.


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