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The Middle 7×11 ‘The Rush’ : Mike’s Twitter war

Winter hiatus is over and the Hecks are back. Frankie does that thing she does at least twice a season where she suddenly realizes her kids are growing up too fast, Sue rushes sororities because of course she does, she wants to join everything all the time, and Mike gets dragged kicking and screaming into the world of social media. Happy new TV year, people.

As you might’ve guessed from the intro, Frankie’s concern with Brick and his pants and his getting older, not especially thrilling to me. I feel like we’ve seen it enough by now. Yeah she went through it with the other kids so of course she’ll go through it with him, but is it something we need to see onscreen? Not when we’ve watched the same basic storyline played out at least twice before, and nothing new is added to the Brick version.

Sue’s plight was more entertaining. She is absolutely that girl who would get sucked into the craziness of finding a sorority. Still, I wasn’t really hooked until most of that plotline had played itself out. What I mean is, Sue’s realization at the end was what made the story work. If we didn’t have her seeing the pointlessness of the massive popularity contest that she and her new friend were involved in, things would’ve felt pretty hollow. Particularly because we’ve seen Sue killing herself for years and years trying to join everything known to man. Now, she wasn’t doing it to be popular, not really. She wanted to belong to something, have something fun to do. Still, after countless rejections from clubs, teams, and finally a sorority, she needed to realize that this latest rejection wasn’t that important. All Sue’s ever wanted is to have ridiculously wholesome fun and make friends. Well, she made the best kind of friend this week, and it wasn’t one of the sorority girls who rejected her. There’s a whole, heartwarming lesson there about friendship and self-worth and fitting in, and it’s nice, guys. It’s a nice lesson indeed.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Get ready because I don’t say this often, but Axl and Mike totally had the best storyline this week. Mike versus Twitter, what more do you need? And, on a deeper level, Axl teaching Mike about Twitter. Mike realizing that not only is this social media stuff more important than he thought, but Axl is smarter/more prepared for the world as it is today than Mike thought.

Semi-different topic, I really want to see more of Mike and his diaper business. I was a little indifferent when it first started, but that plotline provides some much needed variety to the show. We’ve seen Frankie working various jobs. We’ve seen Mike at the quarry. What we haven’t seen, pre-diaper business, is Mike totally out of his element, struggling with marketing and Powerpoint and Twitter. Give me more of that. It’s been touched on a couple times in the first half of the season, but more, writers, I want more.

So, what’d you guys think of the first 2016 ep? Will Sue’s new friend become a regular? Will Mike ever learn basic computer skills? Send me your thoughts in the comments.

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