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The Middle 7×09 ‘The Convention’ : The university of Axl

With Thanksgiving out of the way, it’s time for Frankie to head back to work. Kind of. Actually she heads to a dental convention with her boss, all expenses paid. She also kicks Axl out of her house and into Sue’s dorm. And Brick, he needs a babysitter while his parents are gone. Or does he?

So, we all knew that all expenses paid was going to backfire, right? No way Frankie and Mike are going to stay in a nice hotel, drink champagne and party it up without getting punished for it. Not exactly a surprise twist. The part of this plotline that did work relatively well was the convention. Frankie getting sucked into the spiel of the pretty blonde dentist lady. All the dancing and shenanigans. Because Frankie trying to dance in any episode for any reason is funny. And hey, apparently dental conventions get her really hot. Have we ever seen Frankie and Mike excited about getting it on? If we have, it’s been a long time. At least we know now that they’re still into each other that way.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

With Sue down a roommate and up a bed, Axl goes to stay with her. I like the idea of it, and parts of it were funny (Axl teaching Sue how to be a terrible student), but it could’ve been so much better. Sue had to lie to her professor to get herself a make-up test, right? In the process, she threw up on the dude, yes? Why couldn’t we see that? That would’ve been hilarious. Or how about this? Sue says before Axl moves in that she’s not even sure it’s legal for him to do that. What if it’s not? What if one of their wild parties got busted up by campus security and Axl was found out? He and Sue are both threatened with bad, horrible consequences. In the midst of her money troubles, Frankie gets a call from a sobbing Sue. She then has to get on the phone with the dean or whoever, explaining that it’s all her fault, she made her daughter take Axl in. She had to, he’s impossible to live with. Let her be punished, not Sue. But don’t punish her financially because those jerks at the dental office already did that, and you can’t get blood from a stone. You see what I mean about this plot thread not living up to it’s potential?

And then there’s Brick. His grandpa’s supposed to be babysitting him, but it’s Brick who ends up taking care of Big Mike. It’s funny on the surface level, totally, Brick behaving like a 40-year-old man with a child. There’s also character development here. The Brick of even a couple seasons back couldn’t pull this off. He’s still a quirky little dude, helpless in certain areas, but he’s also grown up a lot over the seasons. It was nice to see that made so obvious here.

Kind of an average ep this week. Moments were had, for sure, but I’ve already rambled on about all the moments we could’ve or should’ve seen that we missed out on. That said, it was cool to see Frankie’s boss back. I’d like to see more of him again. I’d also like to see a better episode next week.


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