The Middle 7×07 : Homecoming II: The Tailgate : “Oh my God I’m a Batman villain!”

After a week off to make room for the CMA’s, the Hecks are back to celebrate Homecoming. That means lots of puking, parental embarrassment, and Mike obsessing over a really big spatula. What is it with guys and the size of their spatulas?

So, Frankie really likes Homecoming. Homecoming is her jam, her day of respite from being a wife and mother and doing a mediocre job at both. She’s looking forward to it, until she learns that her mother is going to drive down and share this blessed event with her. Because, let’s be real here, no matter their ages, all kids feel at times like their parents are humiliating affronts to God who should never be allowed out of the house. That being the case, Frankie attempts to manipulate her mom into staying home, giving rise to the immortal line “Oh my God I’m a Batman villain!”

Yup. Said it in the header for this review, saying it again because it’s just that awesome.

Here’s the thing. I like this plotline, I do. And it was fine. But I know it could’ve been funnier. I’ve seen enough eps with Frankie’s parents to know what’s possible, and this could’ve been better. The humor works, the jokes are fine, but the writers could’ve gotten more out of this setup.

On to secondary storylines. My favorites in order of best to worst are Sue’s, Axl’s, then Brick’s. Sue is obsessed with setting up an alumni table for her high school class, reliving her glory days. Even though she’s been out of high school for less than six months. Of course she is. Because she’s Sue and she’s awesome like that. Axl is busy puking his guts out the whole episode, because flu bugs are awesome. Not much action involved, but the sickness humor was funny, what can I say? Brick finds out he’s really good at the sport he needs to be good at to win Mike a giant spatula. Nothing especially wrong with this, it just didn’t grab me. And, because fortune rarely smiles upon these people, I guessed the resolution twenty minutes before it played out.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Different topic, did everyone catch that throwaway line Axl had about breaking up with Devin? Was this shown onscreen? Did it completely fall from my head? Wouldn’t be the first time. I really hope this isn’t the end of Devin. She’s been a recurring character for nearly a year now. Are we really saying goodbye to her via a throwaway line? Because, no. The amount of time she spent on the show, regular cast member or not, she deserves more than that. The viewers deserve more than that.

And if we got it, if we got a proper breakup scene and it did just fall from my head, well. Then go ahead and disregard the above rant, okay? Cool.

This ep had the unenviable position of coming directly after one of my favorite eps in show history. So, to be honest, I was destined to be let down by it. It’s fine, as I said. It’s just, nothing more than that. The Halloween show spoiled me, all right, I’m woman enough to admit it. So, average episode with some good moments, a particularly great line, and a giant spatula. If you’re into giant spatulas, and I’m sure there’s someone out there, then you’re in for a real treat. Everyone else, stick with the regular kitchen implements and I’ll see you next week.

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