The Middle 7×05 ‘Land of the Lost’ : One big distraction from death

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You know things are bad when Mike doesn’t want to watch a Colts game. While Frankie tries to figure out what’s causing his sudden depression, Sue takes Brick on a tour of her campus. And then loses him. But she finds a hot guy, so she’s really not that concerned.

It’s another week of recurring characters this time around. When Mike becomes inexplicably mopey and does his usual thing of avoiding any talk of human emotion, Frankie gets desperate and calls Jesus for help. Well, actually she calls Reverend Tim Tom, whom we haven’t seen in quite awhile. But, he’s a man of the cloth, so that’s sort of like calling Jesus. Or at least his middleman.

At Indiana State, Sue loses track of a visiting Brick. Her own fault, honestly. She split up with him at some point, gave him a map and told him to meet up with her? This is a kid who, just last week, proved that he can’t find his way home from the library he visits every day. Not the best plan there, Sue. To be fair, she’s distracted by the return of Logan, the super hot model guy who asked her to prom and sprayed her with cheese. This was a fun development. One, it was unexpected, I don’t know that any of us thought we’d see Logan again. Also, it’s funny to watch Sue completely forget to care about her brother. I mean, it’s horrible, but it’s funny. By ignoring Brick’s welfare, Sue’s actually treating him the way he’s used to being treated at home. At least the way he was treated for the first few eps of the season. Yay for family neglect.

Axl’s ant problem, which I got bored of several weeks ago by the way, finally leads somewhere. When he and his equally stupid and immature roommate attempt to be smart and adult-like, they end up losing their apartment. Because it’s filthy and infested with things and legally they shouldn’t have been living there at all. Solution? Run home to mom and dad. As far as future storylines, this is actually the most exciting thing to happen this week. Axl and a kid they barely know taking over Mike and Frankie’s house? Just when they finally had the place (almost) to themselves? I’m so down with this.

What I wasn’t down with? The reason for Mike’s bad mood. He’s upset because Frankie’s turning fifty? After all that buildup, it really was a lame payoff. Which, narratively it was supposed to be a lame payoff. The humor lay in the lameness. It was meant to, at least. Me, the joke fell flat. I would’ve been much more interested if Mike was worried about the success of his new business venture. If he was panicking despite it going well so far. Financially, his life has always kind of sucked. It looks like that might change now. Maybe he’s worried about the added responsibility of that money. Maybe he’s worried the supposed success will be gone in a flash, and then what? He’ll have invested his time and what little money he has, for nothing. Any of these worries would’ve been more interesting than what he was actually freaking over.

So. We had guest stars. We had some good storylines, some lousy, and what might be an interesting setup for future shows. Who wants to bet on how long it takes Frankie and Mike to kick Axl out?

And hey, where the hell is Kenny the non-speaking computer guy going to live now? Poor Kenny…


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