The Middle 6×22 ‘While You Were Sleeping’ : Keep the government out of the sauce

The Year of Sue is drawing to a close, and Sue doesn’t have a date for her senior prom. Because of that minor thing where her boyfriend proposed to her and then they broke up. Meanwhile, Frankie and Mike do a terrible job of trying to reignite their romance, while Axl and Brick decide to start their own business. You can imagine how well that venture goes.

I’d like to formally thank the writers for Sue’s role in this episode. Weeks ago, after the Darrin breakup, I said in another review that Sue was bouncing back too easily, that the aftermath of this rather big deal wasn’t being addressed. Here it finally is. When Sue gets the prom dress she ordered months ago when she and Darrin were still an item…how do you not feel bad about that? So yes, she’s still struggling, the writers didn’t drop the ball completely, I can let that complaint go.

Let’s talk about Logan. And his abs, and his constant lack of shirt. First off, way to go Sue. She deserves a kind, funny, incredibly ripped guy. But, if you’ll allow me to ruin things with realism for a bit…how is this guy allowed to walk around a restaurant without a shirt on all the time? Isn’t there a no shirt, no shoes, no service policy somewhere? Is that a thing that only exists in certain TV shows? Because it doesn’t seem like a good idea hygiene-wise to hang around a food court when you’re half-naked. Not that I’m complaining because….the abs. Still, wondering about that detail took me out of the story a bit.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Examining the storylines from strongest to weakest, we move on to Axl and Brick. This wasn’t the best episode for either of them, nor was it the worst. I did like the fact that Frankie’s cooking is so horrendous that Brick is forced to smother it in homemade sauce just to make it edible. They do say that all great inventions solve a problem. And Brick constantly bringing up rats whenever they’re trying to entice hungry customers, that’s just so Brick. If Axl was as smart as he thinks he is, he would’ve simply quit bringing the boy along on sales pitches. Can’t throw in dead rat remarks if he’s home reading. But I suppose he wanted Brick around for the cute little brother factor. Or just to help him pack up jars after they finished selling. Probably option B. There were some funny lines for both Heck brothers, but nothing particularly memorable.

Last and definitely least for the week, Frankie and Mike. In their quest to watch a movie together and have a proper date, they basically sleep through the entire show. We’re treated to the same joke in every scene. Ha, they can’t pay attention to the film. Ha, they can’t stay awake. It gets old quick. That being said, the Gary Cooper/Bradley Cooper thing near the beginning was legitimately funny.

Interesting changes for Sue this week, not so much for anyone else. If you’re like me, you left thinking that Logan is incredibly sweet, and needs to be around next season. Oh, and you might’ve been hungry for barbecue, if you managed to look past the whole rat thing.

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