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The Middle 6×17 ‘The Waiting Game’ : The singing episode

Waiting for college acceptance letters. Does anything suck more? Well yeah, actually, getting college rejection letters. Sue faces that unfortunate plight this week, left wondering about her future while all her friends make their school plans. Her parents are stressing right along with her, Brick faces the struggle of the young novelist, and Axl…he just wants a bed in the dining room.

Seriously, this episode brought back lots of not-awesome memories for me. The good news? It was funny. Sue, Frankie and Mike all have their own ways of coping with the waiting game and, in a true gift to the audience, Mike’s just happens to involve singing. His family is shocked. We’re shocked. Mike. Singing. What else needs to be said here? Except that Frankie eventually joins in, which is utterly glorious. The only negative about the Hecks doing a duet together is that I kept expecting the kids to walk in and catch them. They did not. This should’ve happened. Frankie had been joining her offspring in making fun of Mike’s vocal range the entire episode. It would’ve been nice for her to get a taste of her own medicine.

Axl has moved out of his old room and into…the dining room. Sure, why not? Not much to say here, it goes about as well as can be expected. Brick, who’s moved into Axl’s old space (did that happen a long time ago and I just forgot?) has decided to write a book. He’s thirteen, and writing a novel. I’m sorry, but that’s just awesome. Good for you, kid, mad props. And as a writer myself, Brick’s creative struggles cracked me up. First off, he’s using a typewriter. Which is such a perfectly Brick thing to do. If I had to use a typewriter, I’d never pen another word. So, maybe that’s why the boy gets writer’s block after sentence two. I mean, there’s no delete key if you mess up. That’s a lot of added pressure.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Honestly though, everything Brick did this week was perfect. He’s not worried about the next chapter or the next paragraph, he’s freaking out over the next bloody sentence. And when he can’t find a sentence that lives up to his first couple? He quits the book and starts fresh. Now, I’ve quit more books/short stories than I care to count, so the fact that he as a thirteen-year-old did it? No disrespect from me. None. And really, this is a kid who recorded a podcast for what, three days before getting bored and moving on? He just hasn’t developed the attention span for writing a whole novel yet. It would actually be a bit scary if he had. Or it would just make me feel unbelievably ashamed of myself. Probably both.

Now, can we all agree with Mike and Frankie that Sue deserved to get into any and every college she wanted? The girl works so hard, stays so optimistic, she needed a break, right? Right. And can we also agree that Sue is the queen of shocked/excited facial expressions? Good. The look she had upon being accepted to Axl’s school wasn’t as great as the one she had when Darrin proposed to her, but it was still pretty amazing. The writers should create a web series with mini episodes that are entirely based on Sue testing out different facial expressions. Just saying.

Get on that, writer people. If Brick has the guts to try an entire novel, you guys can do this.

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