The Middle 6×14 ‘The Answer’ : “No snuggle bed for you!”

So, it’s answer time. Yes, no, maybe? What will Sue say to Darrin’s unexpected proposal? So many possibilities. Well, only three, really, but that still makes for several possibilities.

There’s not much point in discussing the storylines for individual characters this week. Sue’s maybe engaged. That’s all you need to know. Yeah, Axl does this semi-amusing, half-assed job of trying to ‘fix’ Brick and all his ticks, but come on. No one really cares about that when you’ve got a seventeen-year-old with the maturity of a seven-year-old pondering a marriage proposal.

Did anyone honestly think she’d say yes? Not me. But I was wrong. Kind of. She said yes, accidentally, pretty much in shock. It’s okay, Sue. The audience didn’t see that one coming either.

After accidentally agreeing to be Darrin’s wife (and really, who hasn’t done that with their significant other at some point?), Sue spends the rest of the episode trying to take back her acceptance. Which is hard, because Darrin apparently has some cute eyebrow power he mesmerizes her with, and whenever she tries giving back the ring, she ends up doing something else. Like agreeing to wedding venues and honeymoon locales.

All this is mostly funny, kind of heartbreaking. Especially if you’re a people pleaser like Sue and I, who hates letting loved ones down. Sue’s just so happy all the time, and you know she hates to make anyone unhappy, much less her boyfriend/fiancé.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Frankie, Mike and Axl react just as I thought they would last week (least I got something right), meaning they’re all shocked and pissed as hell. Sue kind of wants her parents to fix her problems for her, like we all do at some point. But, young and immature as she is (and admits to being), she knows she can’t break up her engagement through a middleman. And so, after her parents strongly remind her that she has no other choice, Sue calls it off.

Her not wanting to get married? Totally called that. It would’ve made no sense for the character if she did get hitched at this point. I have to say though, I wasn’t necessarily expecting Darrin to end the relationship altogether. I thought it was at least possible he’d agree to wait a few years while Sue went after her college dreams. No more Sue and Darrin? Bit of a shock, considering how long he’s been hanging around the periphery of the show.

Am I terribly upset by this? Of course not. As romances go, theirs was severely lacking in substance, and it was always hard to picture them together twenty years down the road. Still, they were cute together, I’d grown fond of their mutual dorkiness, and seeing Sue sad is always…sad.

Sorry to all Sue/Darrin shippers, looks like our iceberg has hit. Silver lining, we were able to pull from the wreckage a sweet scene of the whole family (including their new, oxygen-deprived dog) snuggling together to comfort Sue after she made a very adult, very difficult decision.

I’d guess next week will have a greater focus on the entire family, with Sue mourning her lost relationship in various funny/sad/dramatic ways. We’ll see how she copes with being a single lady again.

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