The Middle 6×13 ‘Valentine’s Day VI’ : We’re not kissing because we want to

It’s nearly Single’s Awareness Day, which means our favorite shows are upping the romance. For the Hecks, this Valentine’s Day will go down in history. Brick has his first kiss, Axl actually makes an effort to do something special for Devin, and Sue…well, let’s save the craziest for last.

Since they’ve been married too long to put forth an effort, Frankie and Mike channel their Valentine’s energy into helping Brick. Cindy returns to the show after a long absence. So long that Brick isn’t positive he’s still dating her. When she declares that they’ll be kissing on their next date, he realizes that they’re still a thing. Panicked, he asks his parents and Axl for help. The kissing demo between Frankie and Mike was pretty classic. I never realized how much of a height difference Brick and Cindy had until it was made into an amusing plot point. Or maybe I just forgot, since Cindy fell off the face of the show for a while.

Spoiler. All the advice in the world doesn’t get our young couple a normal kiss, and that’s great. Watching those adorable little weirdos play tonsil hockey in their own way was so much more rewarding.

Have I mentioned that Devin Levin is awesome? Because she is. She’s great for Axl, as evidenced by the fact that she threatens to punch him in the neck if he does anything for Valentine’s. Anyone who casually threatens to slug their boyfriend in the throat is a keeper. Axl then has to figure out whether or not Devin actually means this, or if the throat punching will come if she doesn’t receive a present. We get a random reappearance of Kenny, the roommate who never leaves his computer games. Is this dude still in college? If so, how’s that possible? More importantly, we see Axl forced to ask Frankie for advice, which goes about as well as any time on this show when the kids get counsel from their parents.

Despite getting no help from Mom, Axl shows a surprising bit of sweetness in his handling of the Devin situation. He circumvents the Valentine moratorium in a fun, clever way, and is definitely entitled to major boyfriend points. Good one, Ax Man.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

And then there’s Sue. Darrin sends her on an elaborate scavenger hunt that ends in a tiny closet. Well, it’s actually his new house, but it’s about the size of a closet. And then he proposes. This show isn’t big on surprises or cliffhanger endings, but I didn’t see that one coming. Neither did Sue, judging by the look on her face. Honestly, the episode’s worth watching for that expression alone.

So, will she say yes? I’m going to say no. She’s obsessed with her college dreams, and it seems like they haven’t even talked about, dramatic pause…sex yet. Going from not talking sex to talking marriage, it’s a big jump.

And even if Sue’s romantic personality gets the best of her, I can’t imagine Mike or Frankie being okay with their seventeen or eighteen-year-old daughter getting hitched. Not to mention Axl. What will he say about his best friend not only dating his sister, but wanting to marry her?

I have no idea. Guess we’ve got until next week to speculate.







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