The Mentalist 6×22 ‘Blue Bird’: or Characters doing things because the fans demand it!

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The season finale! This is it, the season is over! What a note to send it out on. I don’t agree with it, but if that’s how you want your show to end, then that’s a fantastic ending point. Except it’s not, the show was renewed, so… what now? Where do they go from here? Solving crimes while arguing over who’s turn it is to do the dishes?

The case in this episode was pretty funny and very Mentalist. An obscure murder that stumped the FBI is brought back up when the supposed murderer writes a note taunting the FBI. They investigate, and it turns out it was just Jane trying to have a romantic get away with Lisbon. However, the killer deciphers the code on the note and show up to kill whoever wrote the note, along with two others out for revenge. And in a fun comedy of errors/Mexican standoff they shoot each other. Jane doesn’t care however because he’s trying to get to the airport to stop Lisbon and sees this all as a time wasting inconvenience. It was hilarious; however the character motivations lost me.

Source: CBS Not quite the Citroen, but I'll take it.

Source: CBS
Not quite the Citroen, but I’ll take it.

It was a neat idea because the characters were written to be the fan base. Abbott is clearly a Jisbon fan. He has been actively playing cupid for several episodes now, what’s up with that? Abbott is such a bizarre character; he keeps changing from episode to episode. It’s funny and endearing, he’s become my favorite new character this season, but it’s also really weird. He’s off to the side kinda cheering them on, and is the only one, save Jane that seems to want them together. Cho is with me, ‘No, I don’t see it. They’re like brother and sister.’ he tells Abbott, and I agree. And then Lisbon for the bulk of the episode is on the side of Jane’s a horrible person and doesn’t deserve her. Which is totally true! I mean the whole case was a ploy to have a romantic vacation with Lisbon, to… what? Profess his love for her? That wasn’t going to happen, he already did that once and swept it under the rug first chance he got. To show her how much fun solving a case with him is? She already knows that. That’s not the point. He was tring to manipulate her into wanting to stay with him. When she finds out it’s all a ruse,  she tells him he’s a selfish man, who only thinks of himself. He doesn’t love her, he loves himself. He doesn’t want what will make her happy he just doesn’t want his life to change. So she’s heading off to a promotion and a super cop fiancée, who quite frankly treats her so much better then Jane ever did. And then the story ends. The entire episode points to, ‘Jane, you’re a jerk and Lisbon never wants to see you again.’ But wait, there’s more! She shows up again saying that everything she said before was wrong and she loves him, they kiss and freeze frame. YES, LITERAL FREEZE FRAME! What? Are you kidding me?

Source: CBS So the case is a bust, huh? Well, let's get drunk.

Source: CBS
So the case is a bust, huh? Well, let’s get drunk.

It reminds me of the film A.I. When the movie ends with David at the bottom of the ocean wishing for the Blue Fairy to make him a real boy, fade to black. End. But wait, there’s more! It’s the future and there’s super advanced robots looking for the human soul and they bring his mom back from the dead…. What? Or The Magnificent Ambersons where George FINALLY gets his comeuppance and the narrator ends the film. Fade to black. But wait, there’s more! He’s hit by a car and brings the family back together and everyone forgives him and whatnot… What? It’s as if it’s a totally different film the show/movie is going along and we are presented with the ending that everything in the show is pointing to. There is no magic; you’re not a real boy, deal with it. George, you’re a horrible human being and deserve every bit of this, deal with it. Jane you’re too late, you lost Lisbon to a better man deal with it. BUT WAIT! There’s more! Everything we just said, no that’s not true. There is magic, it’s called science and we can clone your mom for a day. George isn’t such a bad guy, he deserves a second chance. Turns out Lisbon’s been in love with Jane all along and never told him, despite how out of character that is, and never caught on that he loved her, despite the fact he’s already told her, twice. And that it’s apparently ok for Jane to toy with the friends and family of a dead woman in order to manipulate Lisbon into sleeping with him, as long as he says, ‘I love you’ afterwards.

Source: CBS Good Morning!

Source: CBS
Good Morning!

So they have another season, right, when I first heard it I was excited, but now I’m not. They just had a very satisfying end to the show. Everything is wrapped up nice and neat, it’s sweet, kinda. There’s no cliffhanger, no crazy mystery left open. If you want Jane and Lisbon together this is the best way it could happen. There are not many ways that they could not screw this up. What’s next? Dating drama? What happens next time Jane puts himself in danger, or jail, or a hostage situation, or flirts with someone to get information? What happens when Jane goes right back to being a jerk. I just don’t see the show working well, if I’m honest the show hasn’t really been working well sense they started the unrequited love plot.

I will however be there. If I left a show just because I didn’t like the direction the plot was heading, what kind of a fan would I be? Personally I am hoping to see Lisbon wake up in bed with someone in the shower. She walks over and pulls the curtain away to reveal… Sherriff McAlister!

HA HA… Dallas reference.

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