The Mentalist 6×21 “Black Hearts”: or Make up your mind Lisbon!

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First off guess what happened last week. The Mentalist got renewed! Huzzah, kinda. If they can pick back up to the quality of past seasons then I am so there. If they keep going the way the latter half of this season has then I’ll certainly keep watching, but I won’t be happy about it. I think that most viewers would agree they show has not been up to par post Red John. There have been a handful of episodes that have been pretty good, but still nothing compared to the show’s potential.

This week’s conclusion to a three part story arc is one of the unsatisfying examples. They find the guy responsible for the human trafficking/organ smuggling ring. He’s a great villain, ruthless, unwavering, no concern for human life. The guy’s smart to, he’s not going down easy. They question him and he doesn’t flinch, they find a witness and he blackmails him into suicide. Yet ultimately what dose Jane do? He drugs the guy, brings him to his own dissection lab, makes him thing they’ve tortured and murdered his associate and are going to cut him open next. He sings like a canary. That’s it, there’s no real trick here Jane just threating a man until he gets what he wants. Jane really crossed the line here as well, now yes he does that all the time, however this time the writing wasn’t good enough for me to believe he gets away with it. The greenest public defender, fresh out of law school could easily get all the evidence thrown out. They literally tortured the guy until he incriminated himself and offer no defense for their actions. I mean come on! Everyone just looks the other way, not because they want to, but because script says so. Usually when Jane doses something so illegal he has some manipulative way of getting out of trouble. As unrealistic as it may be it’s usually written in such a way that we still believe it. This time Jane’s only defense is to play deny it and go, ‘He said I what? Me? Never.’

Source: CBS I'm staring at you to convey romantic tension... is it working?

Source: CBS
I’m staring at you to convey romantic tension… is it working?

Honestly I am genuinely surprised it got renewed for another season. What with the lackluster way the reboot has fared, combined with the lowest ratings the show’s ever had everyone was sure Mentalist was a shoo-in for cancellation. It would seem the reason why Mentalist got renewed is the same reason why CBS doesn’t seem to put it high on its priorities list. It’s not their show. The Mentalist is produced by Warner Bros, not CBS. Why give time and effort, or a good time slot, to a show that you only get part of the profits from? That’s why The Good Wife, a CBS property, gets the better Sunday night slot even though it’s performing slightly worse than The Mentalist. Warner Bros made the decision to continue the show and started shopping it around to other networks and I guess CBS decided, ‘why not?’ and renewed it instead of someone else getting their hands on it. No details yet on how many episodes CBS is asking for or Warner Bros plans to make, but The Mentalist will be returning this fall.

So next week is the season finale and everything seems to be building up to Jane and Lisbon professing their love for each other. The show has written itself into a situation where either they get together or Lisbon leaves the show. When your options are that limited it becomes rather obvious what’s going to happen. I’ve already explained why I don’t like this last week. But there it is whether I want it or not. I just hope it’s not too cliché. Jane waits till the last moment, and then confesses his love to her, and she says that that’s all she needed to hear, ride off into the sunset, everyone’s happy, blah-blah-blah. I don’t want that. There is a third option. Lisbon gets mad, goes to DC, something happens and Jane ends up in DC and they meet up next season. Whatever happens I’m just hoping that next week’s episode is better than this week’s.

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