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The Mentalist 6×19 ‘Brown Eyed Girls’: or Taken 3

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It’s the count down to the end. Only three episodes left and no renewal in sight :’( Last night’s episode was part one of a three parter. Therefore expect to only get one third of a review. In fact don’t be surprised if I go all Sopranos on you and cut off mid-thought.

First off I have to say, what a story to go out on. Three episodes involving sex slave trafficking, and then a season finale, hopefully not a crazy cliffhanger, and then in all likelihood gone forever. There are a couple of points I want to make over the next three weeks and then I’ll probably do a whole, show in review thing for the finale.

First off this episode was a very nice one. The choice to go with human trafficking for these last few episodes was brilliant. It’s something that we can all hate. It’s like Nazis. In the collective consciousness it’s been decided that it’s ok to hate Nazis, and for good reason. That’s why Nazis make such a good bad guy. Think about it, up until Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, modern shooters sucked, and in fact they still kind of do. Part of the problem is it’s hard to pin down a bad guy. Nazis are clean cut defined bad guys. That’s why World War II shooters were king for so long. I mean a Vietnam or Korean War first person shooter doesn’t really work. They’ve tried them, look at the Shellshock franchise. People have reservations about shooting insurgents, but Nazis; you can shoot up Nazis all day long and never feel bad about it. Because we all decided culturally, ‘Nazis are bad, m’kay’ they make great default bad guys and therefore Nazis and Nazi motifs are used and reused as villains throughout media.

Source: CBS Jane loves his job too much, and yes that's Abbott pretending to be his body gaurd.

Source: CBS
Jane loves his job too much, and yes that’s Abbott pretending to be his body gaurd.

Anyway that’s a collage thesis for another time. Sex trafficking is the same sort of thing. In Taken when they take Liam Neeson’s daughter you have no problem with Liam Neeson killing them all in horrific and, rather inventive, ways. Because they’re sex traffickers and they had it coming. Enough said. Now Jane gets to go all, ‘I have a very particular set of skills, including magic and parlor tricks. I will sleep on my couch, I will find you, I will talk to you at length, and you will accidentally confess on camera.’

So yes, great villain but it’s more than that. It’s a criminal organization, and that means there has to be a boss. There is a criminal big wig who is pulling the strings, a powerful one to in order have evaded capture this whole time. That gives Jane a nemesis and the team someone to fight. A random crime of passion doesn’t make a criminal mastermind. It doesn’t make a character that we could conceivably see besting Jane. However, a wealthy, evil, businessmen who runs a tight ship and cuts off all his loose ends, how has hit men and politicians in his pocket, now that is a proper antagonist. Someone who could really send the show out on a high note. We can hope all we want for another season, but let’s be realistic here. Going under the assumption that the show will not be renewed, I don’t want to see the finale end on a crazy cliffhanger that we’ll never see the conclusion for. All I’m hoping for is a satisfying ending to a satisfying show. I want to end the show with this guy behind bars.

Source: CBS Cho is awesome. That is all.

Source: CBS
Cho is awesome. That is all.

I would also like Cho to have a romance. He had one once that didn’t go so well, and he’s never had one since. I would like them to tease a possible relationship, maybe even with one of the victims. I want more Fischer. She seemed so awesome at first. A new love interest for Jane, a new leader of a new team, but she’s hasn’t really done anything. In fact she’s been all but absent for the past few episodes. It’s a shame really, she’s a good actress, and a good character and they’ve just shelved her. I would like Jane to struggle. For all the previous seasons Jane has had a hard time. He was either struggling with the CBI in order to get his crazy plans off the ground, in trouble with the law himself, or bested by Red John at every turn. Ever since he came to the FBI he’s had none of that. They let him do whatever he wants, they bend over backwards for him, and he catches the villains with little difficulty. Even when J.J. LaRoche was murdered and Van Pelt was kidnapped, Jane didn’t really take it that hard. Nor have much difficultly stopping the killers. I want to see him backed in a corner again. It makes it more fun that way when he ultimately pulls through.

What I don’t want to see is Jane and Lisbon getting together. Sorry Jisbon fans, I am not one of you. I don’t like it, I have my reasons, and I’ll tell you what they are….

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