The Mentalist 6×18 ‘Forest Green’: or No girls allowed!

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The body of a dead woman is found outside of a ritzy, men only, resort. The resort is full of some of the most powerful men in the country, and all of them claim that the woman couldn’t possibly be from the resort, even though there’s nothing else around for miles. This case has Jane’s name written all over it. And it’s one that he really seemed to enjoy.

The whole episode is full of fantastic Jane moments. Asking every waitress in the restaurant very petty requests just so he could smell their hair. Driving recklessly in a golf cart while his boss rides shotgun. Bragging to a man who’s under investigation by the FBI about how he beat a murder rap, and then giving that same man the idea to bribe a federal agent. Even on of Jane’s famous double bluff traps with a magic show thrown in the middle. One of the things I’ve always loved about this show is the fact that they show you everything Jane sees. If you’re smart enough you can figure out the crime as Jane does. This has been less true in resent episodes, but this one goes back to that, I guess, classic formula? Every little thing is important, and here’s a fun little run down.


Source: CBS Guys, I think I solved the case... right on time. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Source: CBS
Guys, I think I solved the case… right on time. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I always like to see how long it takes Jane to solve the case, normally at some point about halfway through the episode, there is a moment where afterwards Jane starts acting either really excited or completely disinterested. At that point if you don’t already know who did it and why, then you’ve lost. Jane has once again solved the case before you. This episode has two such moments in it. The first one is 18 minutes, 37 seconds in and shows us the motive for the murder. I missed this one until after the episode was over. When Abbott, Lisbon, and Jane are in the victim’s cabin talking about how a golf cart could have been used to dump the body. Jane, for a moment, is seen staring at a clock. He then immediately, and theatrically, points out a golf ball marker and suggests they get out of there and interrogate a golfer. At the end of episode we learn that the clock is actually a surveillance camera, and someone was watching. Jane already figured this out however, and his suspicions are proven true when they later find that one of golf carts was scrubbed clean just moments after their conversation. In the very next scene at 21 minutes, 34 seconds Jane points out the last bit of evidence he needs to make up his mind. As they question one of the said golfer the man’s lawyer comes rushing in hurling threats, going on and on about how dare they question his client without him present. The lawyer claimed that a security guard told him the FBI was talking to his client, however Jane knows better. Jane figures out that this man was the one watching the surveillance camera based on 3 pieces of evidence: one he’s sweaty (because he was just out washing a golf cart), two he’s not a member, and three his collar is frayed. That’s it. That’s all Jane needs. Then he just waits till the other pieces of his plan fall into place and presto, he’s got him dead to rights. With the way the attorney was acting I could tell he was involved. The hidden camera however I didn’t notice until it was revealed at the end of the show. I when back and watched the scene, and sure enough there’s Jane staring right at it. I’ll say it again, that’s what I love about this show, when they reveal the evidence right. Most of the evidence they flat out tell you about. But some of the evidence they show you, and you either notice or you don’t. You’re invited to pay attention, to participate. That’s what makes it so much fun when you solve the crime, and that’s part of why I love this show. ***SPOILERS OVER***

Source: CBS Let me smell your hair. it's ok, I work for the government.

Source: CBS
Let me smell your hair. it’s ok, I work for the government.

As a side note, you may or may not have noticed that I didn’t write a review last week. This actually points out the biggest problem with the show. The only thing wrong with The Mentalist is the time slot. CBS is killing the show with its Sunday night time slot. Sunday night is usually reserved for sports on CBS. During football season you’d be lucky if The Mentalist would air on Sunday at all. I’m talking sometimes well past midnight. They are also more than willing to simply drop the show and skip a few weeks if anything else is going on. As if it’s something in the way of scheduling then a show that was once a primetime hit. That’s why I missed last week’s episode; I thought they were still on break. Here’s the break down. Mentalist came back from the mid-season break on January 5th. They played two episodes and then took a 4 week break. Two episodes then off for a month. They then aired 4 episodes and then went on break again, for 2 weeks. So when it came back last week I didn’t notice, in fact I almost missed this week as well. Bear in mind I am a fan, I write reviews for the show, and I even work for the local CBS affiliate. If it slipped past me I guarantee it slipped past who knows how many others. This is the second season we’ve had to put up with this. When CBS eventually cancels this show they will have no one to blame but themselves.

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