The Mentalist 6×16 ‘Violets’: or Let’s cosplay and steal art!

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In arguably my favorite post Red John episode yet, and I dare anyone to tell me otherwise, we get to see all the reasons why Patrick Jane is so cool. There was a lot of fun to be had this week, albeit there was a rather large bit of something lacking, and a bit of a warning for the rest of the season.

We are introduced to a group of art thieves who, not only have obviously been inspired by the now infamous Pink Panther jewel thieves, but are also hardcore gamers. Their ringleader is totally wearing the same helmet as Bravo from Army of Two. After killing a guy during a robbery, the FBI art theft division is investigating. By a stroke of Deus Ex Machina their offices are being renovated and Abbott lets them set up shop downstairs where they catch Jane’s attention. From there Jane takes the reins with one of his crazy plans. Abbott befriends a suspected accomplice and Cho chases them out of a bar. Abbott takes him to Jane where Fischer allows him to seduce her into the bedroom where he sees a priceless painting, Jane interrupts before it goes too far and later he and his boss comeback to steal said painting. Just watch it, it only gets better from there.

Source: CBS, EA Games I'm going to steal your look and there's nothing you can do about it.

Source: CBS, EA Games
I’m stealing your look and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Now one of the most entertaining things in this show is to watch as Jane lays down a seemingly absurd circuitous trap to ensnare the villain, and then we watch the villain spring it. Normally all this nonsense would be in the last several minutes of the show, the whole of the episode passes by before Jane sets his trap, not so with this one. Literally it was an entire episode devoted to one of Jane’s crazy plans. That’s what was so much fun. We get to watch as things get more and more out of hand, wondering where Jane’s going with it not for a few minutest but for an hour. A fun, hilarious, entertaining episode everyone should watch.

Source: CBS I have no idea why I'm helping Jane, but I sure am having fun

Source: CBS
I have no idea why I’m helping Jane, but I sure am having fun

My only problem with this episode was that it was too easy, not the catching of the criminal, but Jane being allowed to catch the criminal. Jane has to convince both his boss and the bosses of the Art theft group to not investigate for two weeks while he sets all this up, all the while refusing to tell anyone what he’s planning. AND THEY AGREE WITHOUT ANY ARGUMENT. We are so used to Jane getting shot down at every turn for any number of sensible reasons, such as you can’t do that it’s illegal. This time however they don’t even second guess him. Not only do they let him do whatever he wants, but they actively participate. Both the audience and Jane were told by multiple characters that his usual zaniness wouldn’t be allowed in the FBI. Well you could have fooled me. Not only are they allowing it, but they are encouraging it. He has more freedom here then with the people he had been working with for a decade. It doesn’t make sense and I don’t like it. Jane having so much freedom makes for some fantastic episodes, such as this one, but it goes against so much pre-established plot that it breaks the narrative a little.

Source: CBS, EA Games How dare you infringe on my trademarked good looks

Source: CBS, EA Games
How dare you infringe on my trademarked good looks

And now the sad news. Earlier this month CBS announced its big wave of renewals for next season and The Mentalist was not on the list. Everybody go, ‘Awww…’ Now there are still 6 more episodes left, so we shall see, but at this point it doesn’t look good. This is something I’ve been saying all season; enjoy the show while you can.. The art thief in tonight’s episode was played by, Charles Mesure, and a lesson can be learned from a show he was on a few years back. The ABC show ‘V’ ran for three seasons. Which is three times longer the 1980’s show it’s a remake of, however it’s ratings were never as high as ABC would have wanted and it was eventually canceled. Quite frankly everyone saw it coming yet on the season finale they had the perfect opportunity to end the story and wrap everything up in a nice neat bow. Instead what they did was kill off main characters and utterly destroy the plotline that would have brought about a conclusive end and pretty much left such a hopeless cliff hanger that as far as we knew the world was doomed. Now what’s my point you ask? Well so far The Mentalist has had some spectacular cliffhangers. I’m talking things such as Jane killing a guy in a food court, the possibility that Jane’s new romance was murdered by Red John, or the team finding their boss dead in car. Crazy stuff. So please don’t end this season on some crazy cliff hanger only to never show us the conclusion. Please?

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