The Mentalist 6×14 ‘Grey Water’: or Apparently if you recognize the tune of London Bridge is falling down you’re a murderer

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In a welcome change from last week’s episode the murder case of ‘Grey Waters’ was actually interesting. The team is working on two cases this week, the murder of a man suing an oil company and the murder of LaRoche and Ardiles. Rigsby and Van Pelt continue their guest star run for this episode, it almost seems like they never left the show, this time as FBI consultants looking for whoever is hunting the old team. For the past two murders the suspect has been killing the team reactively. Ardiles was on to something, figuring out his phone was bug, possibly getting too close, so he was killed. LaRoche was killed by a booby-trap at one of the suspect’s hideouts. Now however, our killer is actively hunting. He breaks into Rigsby’s house with a shotgun and barely escaped Van Pelt’s gunfire. As they make their suspect list Jane claims it’s far too long so they whittle it down to a sort of best hits of the viewer’s favorite murderers and thieves from past episodes. One by one no one on the list checks out, however, with the FBI breathing down their necks they do start to lash out. A fun bit about this episode is the chance to hear what has happened to these criminals since their previous appearances: let out on bail, working as an informant, hiding behind lawyers, etc.

Source: CBS Well at least he was nice enough to leave a note before running away.

Source: CBS
Well at least he was nice enough to leave a note before running away.

On the flip side Jane and Fischer are investigating the death of a man who was protesting the fracking an oil company was doing in his hometown. Fracking of course is a controversial way to extract hard to reach oil and natural gas from shale and similar rocks. The man turns up dead and the first assumption is the oil company, who immediately blame a group of fracking protestors and hackers. But, why would a group of fracking protestors kill another fracking protestor? Also, I’m not even joking about the title that’s how Jane catches the killer. He’s the only one in the room to recognize the tune… are you kidding me? Still I don’t really have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is the severe lack of conflict within the team.

Source: CBS You might want to have your hot water heater checked

Source: CBS
You might want to have your hot water heater checked

Normally when Jane figures out the case and refuses to tell anyone the other teammates have a problem with that. Even at the CBI it took years for them to accept Jane’s unorthodox methods. Not this time. He flat out tells Fischer no, he’s not telling her what he knows, and she’s ok with it. Three times he says no when asked and then not only does the FBI give him a pass but Abbott actually helps out on the roundabout trick that they play to catch the killer. It was really weird. Bertram never, willing, helped out with a Jane bust, and now Abbott who at first has a far more adversarial relationship to Jane then Bertram ever did is acting in one of Jane’s performances. It’s out of character. It’s almost like we are missing time. Somewhere in between the FOUR episodes since Jane joined the FBI there’s been a year or more of him closing cases. Or at least enough time for them to trust his crazy schemes. Cho even said a few episodes ago that Jane’s usual methods wouldn’t fly here. Now it would seem that not only is everyone ok with it, but they’re supporting it. It’s not what we were told to expect. I will not believe that simply buying your boss a Voltron toy would cause him to give you a free pass… or does it? Wait, I think I need to go buy a Voltron toy.

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