The Mentalist 6×13 ‘Black Helicopters’: or Drama free

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Albeit the crime part was lackluster in this episode, the character interactions were priceless. It was a good episode, 70% of the time. A Texas defense attorney turns up dead in Mexico and the FBI are called in. The chase leads to the farm belonging to a group of borderline rightwing radicals of which only three are really introduced. Now obviously the killer is one of those three, and out of those three they were painfully obvious to spot. Honestly without spelling it out for you, one was the guy in charge, one was really nice and helpful, and the other was angry and combative. I mean, come on! Give us a hard one. Last episode Jane fingers the murderer seven minutes into the episode and now you give us a killer with, “I did it!” tattooed on her face? What’s going on guys? This show used to make me think, but ever since the move to Texas it’s been a no brainer. I’ve enjoyed the new characters, I like the idea of the restart, but you’ve got to give us better cases. Even Jane’s reveal was no fun. All he did was slowly talk his way through a process of elimination until someone pulled a gun on him. It was not a good episode at all in that regard.

Source: CBS It's not just a robot. It's Voltron.

Source: CBS
It’s not just a robot. It’s Voltron.

However, like I said, the character interactions were fantastic. Jane starts buying everyone gifts, gifts that they’ve always secretly wanted. Case in point Abbott gets a Voltron toy, a show he apparently used to love as a kid. It was so much fun to see stone-faced FBI Supervisory Special Agent Dennis Abbott geek out and turn into a 12 year old over Voltron. Not only that, but for the first time take Jane’s side when Fischer gets all pissed that Jane abandoned her at a farmer’s market. Cho, Wiley, and Fischer all get gifts from Jane, throughout the episode, and in doing so we get to see bits of their history and personality shine through. Cho is a simple man who takes joy in the little things in life, things like Mexican jumping beans. Wiley loves gadgets and technology and craves approval and something to take care of, like a Tamagotchi. Abbott’s love of Voltron is perfect, his sense of justice and group unity, everyone working together as a well-oiled machine. Fisher’s gift is kind of bittersweet. I won’t give it away since it’s the climax of the gift giving B plot, but you get to know a little bit about where she’s coming from and her past.

Another wonderful tidbit to this episode is Jane’s new ride. Remember way back when Jane wrote on a napkin what his terms were in order to work for the FBI? Well it’s one of those things you don’t really notice until it’s already happened but Jane has obtained almost all of his demands.

  1. Must work directly with Teresa Lisbon. Done
  2. All criminal charges must be dropped. Done
  3. Transportation must be provided, possibly in the form of an Airstream trailer Number LVB-70H And guess what? He has his trailer now! I don’t know what model number is but he now drives an Airstream trailer. Love it!
  4. Adequate supply of tea must be available at all times. Twinnings English or Scottish Breakfast. No other brands acceptable. Not sure about this one specifically, but he is still drinking tea.
  5. A workspace to my specification will be provided, couch included. Done, well the couch at least.
  6. In addition to salary, all expenses of employment including but not limited to travel, meals, books, and all incidentals to be paid for by F.B.I. Not sure about this one either.
Source: CBS It's an office and it moves! What more could you want?

Source: CBS
It’s an office and it moves! What more could you want?

He told Abbott that he would agree to his terms and sure enough Abbott has. Not all at once, but one at a time Jane is getting everything he wanted, as usual. His airstream fits him perfectly, a fitting replacement for his Citroen. I also love that he still sleeps on the couch inside instead of the bed in the back. I’m hoping that at some point Abbott is going to turn around and see what Jane has done. I want to see that conversation.

The third, I guess C plot, in this episode is delving still more into the HUGE overarching plot to replace Red John. In this episode it involves some familiar faces from California, Rigsby, Van Pelt, and J.J. LaRoche. They are trying to track down whoever has bugged their phones and, subsequently who murdered Oscar Ardiles. It doesn’t go well, and I’m not happy. The plot is thickening and it’s really cool, I like what they did, but I’m still sad about it. Watch to find out. I can’t wait till next week when Jane gets the bad news.

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