The Mentalist 6×10 ‘Green Thumb’: or Jane gets what he wants


Last week’s episode was part one of a two part story and so there wasn’t really much to be said. The second part is over and we are starting to get a clearer picture of the new format for the show. Now there is something to talk about.

This episode had a few fun things and one weird thing. Weird thing first: After being locked up for months Jane seizes an opportunity and escapes, hilariously, in order to get the names of the Blake Association members who have already been captured. He sends Agent Abbott a list of those names intermixed with black bars claiming that he knows the names of those blacked out. He offers to divulge the names of every member of the Blake Association in exchange for his terms and only after he completes his contract. Of course he has no such list and is bluffing. It’s just a way to manipulate the FBI into giving him what he wants, and it works. Now that’s a great plan and it is totally something Jane would do, however I have some problems with how it was presented. First of all the list isn’t even a full page. For such a powerful organization, which we were led to believe was gigantic in scope and size, large enough to shape the judicial system across the entire state of California, including everything from black and white patrol cops to government officials, why are there only two dozen or so members? Also it seems the FBI arrested the all, off screen! The entire Blake Association is being swept under the rug. For something that had such a huge impact on the show, it’s disappointing to see it dismissed in exposition.

Source: CBS I'll surrender after one more bite

Source: CBS
I’ll surrender after one more bite

My other problem is the whole napkin thing from the last episode. What was up with that? Why would Jane ever think that Abbott would agree to something written on a napkin? He made this ridiculous show with multiple copies and we’re led to believe it’s all part of one of Jane’s crazy plans, yet it was irrelevant. Why have that in the show when he could have just cut to the chase and gone for Bluffing the fake list first? Jane’s plans sometimes fail, or backfire, but they are never as ill-conceived as this one. It was downright moronic, and given what we’ve seen of Jane for 5 years now I don’t believe that he would be that stupid. There’s no way Abbott could have lied to Jane’s face and Jane not know it. He would have known that Abbott wasn’t going to take the deal. It just goes against the character. He is always the smartest person in the room; he never misreads people that poorly. It’s an error in the writing for the character, so it bugs me.

Now on to the fun stuff. Lisbon! This is fantastic. Part of Jane’s terms were that Lisbon be given a job offer and she join the FBI on his team. Lisbon of course is angry that he would assume she would want this and demand it without even asking her. Of course Lisbon does want it, and hates her current job, just as Jane said. So she’s on the team now, and here’s why it’s fantastic. She is no longer his boss. In the past she has always been annoyed by Jane’s games only because he was in her charge and she had to answer for him. She doesn’t have to now! She can have fun. She’s off the hook and it’s great because deep down she really enjoys Jane’s shenanigans. Now she has free run to join in just like Rigsby, Cho, and Van Pelt used to do. It’s a huge change in the character dynamic and it’s gonna have a huge pay off.

Source: CBS How did you put up with him?

Source: CBS
How did you put up with him?

Agent Fischer tries to explain her run-in with Jane as her being undercover trying to catch him. I don’t believe it; Jane would know when he’s being played. I think that everything she said was true and when she came around that corner to give Jane her number she had just found out who he was. Either way we’ll find out because Jane has begun teasing her, trying to get her to open up. I’m sure discovering more about her character will be an ongoing B plot. Also I really want her and Jane to end up together for one reason; it means that Jane and Lisbon won’t. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I do not want Jane and Lisbon to get romantically involved. Yes they love each other, but I don’t think it’s that type of love. They have a wonderful brother/sister type relationship that I really don’t want to see that strained by romance.

So there you have it, some thoughts on this episode. The show is taking a promising turn and I’m cautiously optimistic about it. There are a lot of fun possibilities here and I want to see more.

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