The Mentalist 6×09 ‘My Blue Heaven’ : or You can’t keep him away

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A new beginning they call it and it really is a new start not only for Jane but for the entire show. The good Simon Baker steps into the director’s chair this week. He is not prolific in his directing, this being only his 4th, however the ones he has done have been very good. This is the first post-Red John episode, it has to be good.

A change of scenery, a change of cast, a change of light filters, and we’re moving on. The big bullet points for The Mentalist’s new direction would be the show is leaving California. Jane will be joining the FBI in Texas. Rigsby and Van Pelt are leaving the show. Agent Abbot, who we met 2 episodes ago, is Jane’s new boss and Kim Fisher and Cho round out the new team with Jane and Lisbon. Big time changes, which are good to see. Red John is dead, a state wide manhunt for the head of the CBI, the Blake Association exposed. You can’t just go back to business as usual after that, and it doesn’t seem like they are going to. The intent seems to be to move back to the old episodic format, yet acknowledging that a change has happened. I say seems to be because it’s really hard to say only one episode in. Maybe Jane will get transferred to the FBI offices in California who have moved into the CBI building and the show ends up being exactly the same except they say FBI instead of CBI when they arrest people. Maybe some new serial killer will start an evil Legion of Doom in Texas. Who knows? Personally I doubt it, and I also really hope not.

Source: CBS Hi LIsbon, I'm directing

Source: CBS
Hi Lisbon, I’m directing

You know what it reminds me of? Stargate SG1. Anyone else remember that? Stargate ended. It was done. They beat all the bad guys, wrapped up the storylines in a nice bow, and it was over. Yet the show was very successful and most of the cast was still ready for more. So they continued. Restarted the show with a new main character, spent a few episodes getting the team back together and introducing a new threat to earth. Stargate shifted gears and the last few seasons felt different. It’s almost as if there’s Stargate SG1 and then Stargate SG1 2.0. So why bring that up? That might just be how this is gonna go down. That’s not a bad thing. Red John is dead, things are different now. Jane is different. Before he was helping the cops because he was on a revenge mission, now he’s doing it because he enjoys it. Even in this episode he can’t help but bust a drug deal. Watching characters grow and evolve and change, as real people do, is always rewarding.

It also helps that everyone’s on board. Well almost, only two actors are bowing out. Everyone else, in front and behind the camera are staying, and people like Rockmond Dunbar are even joining in. There’s really not much to say about this episode being the first part of a two part transitional story arc, a lot of it is still up in the air. From what I’ve seen I approve of the new direction but that could change in the first 5 minutes of next week’s episode. So for now I will say I enjoyed this episode and I think I like the way I think the show thinks it’s going.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS
Are you going to order, or just sit there?

A couple of things that are going to play a big part coming up: whatever the bellhop whispered in Jane’s ear, the five photo copies of Jane’s terms, and whatever happened to Kim before she gave Jane her number. She looked like something big had happened when she turned the corner, maybe she realized who Jane was? I think it’ll be funny if Jane somehow has diplomatic immunity or something. I don’t know but we’ll find out on next week’s exciting episode of The Mentalist!

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