The Mentalist 6×08 ‘Red John’: or Death of a lawmen!

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CALLED IT! For the record I totally called it. If you haven’t seen the episode and don’t want me to just blurt out who Red John is then go watch the episode and then come back and read this. For those of you who want to know then I’ll tell you right after the ‘Read more’ button…

Ok, are you ready? I’ll give you a hint, it starts with an ‘M’ and ends with an ‘Allister,’ give up? McAllister! That’s right. Sheriff McAllister is Red John and Jane gets his revenge. Surprise! That’s pretty much hitting all the important parts of this episode. OH! And The CBI is dismantled and everyone is arrested, but that’s not important right now.

Source: CBS I guess this is important to

Source: CBS
I guess them getting arrested is important to

If you’ve been keeping up with my reviews then you know that last week something about the confrontation in Jane’s house bothered me and because of that I decided to take a stand and name McAllister as Red John, despite the fact that DNA evidence showed he was dead. Well, like I figured, that missing time was explained to us in the final show down between Jane and McAllister. Here’s how it went down: That gunshot we heard was not a gunshot, it was a concussive blast that knocked everyone out except McAllister because he knew it was coming. Then he drags Jane and Bertram out of the room because he wants them alive. He then puts a cadaver in the house and sets off the real bomb. Blowing apart Stiles and Haffner, which I’m actually kinda sad about, I liked them. The blast also destroys the cadaver meaning they have to turn to DNA evidence to identify the three of them. Evidence which he had Partridge falsify before his death. There’s a stare down, a pigeon, a crazy lady with a knife, a foot chase, and finally Jane straggles Red John next to a pond. The pigeon is a little weird, this guy pats Jane down before he meets Red John but he doesn’t notice he has a pigeon in his pocket. Red John needs better security.

Source:CBS Hey Check out this bird I have

Hey, Check out this bird I have

Source: CBS Ahh! It's a bird!

Source: CBS
Ahh! It’s that bird you have!

Now I’ve been on the forums and such and a lot of people are angry about how this ended. What one would think should have been a climactic revenge laden catharsis was hollow and empty. We don’t get our questions answered, Red John doesn’t go out in a blaze of glory, he just gets strangled and Jane runs off. When Jane shot Timothy Carter at the end of season 3 believing him to be Red John, now that was a finale. It was loud, it was big, and it was a surprise. He guns him down in the food court of a mall. This was very much not that, in a word it was anticlimactic. Now personally, I think that’s awesome. Here’s why, ever since day one, Lisbon has been telling him it’s not worth it. His friends and comrades keep telling Jane his revenge will be a shallow. And it was, for both him and the audience. That’s why I love it, whether intentional or not it’s honest. It truly shows revenge for what it is not a glorified quest with a huge pay off at the end, It’s not sexy, it’s not profound; In the end it’s ugly, it’s personal, it’s just Jane killing a guy and then going into hiding. That’s revenge, it may be a dish best served cold, but a cold meal doesn’t always taste that good.

Source: Hanna-Barbera, CBS Turns out Scarecrow was actually Lex Luthor all along!

Source: Hanna-Barbera, CBS
Turns out Scarecrow was actually Lex Luthor all along! Mwahaha!

So now what? These last few episodes were a three part season finale. No other way to look at it. You can tell that is what they were intended to be. Jane has killed Red John, the CBI has been shut down, and the rest of the cast is either dead or in jail. The next episode, ‘My Blue Heaven’ seems like a season premier, we meet Jane years later. So why is it only episode 8? Basically not enough of ya’ll are watching the show. I already talked about this on my first review for episode one of this season. When the show started it was rather lighthearted. Yes there was a looming figure of Red John, yes there was tragedy and murder, but the show had a generally fun feel to it. As the seasons went on it became progressively darker. Red John was brought to the forefront and the show lost most of their casual viewership. The ones who stayed were the fans, people like me, people like you, but there aren’t enough of us. So the decision was made to end the Red John story arc and move on to lighter fare in the hopes of recapturing the lost audience. In short, they rushed it. It didn’t feel rushed, which I’m glad about, but it could have been better if they had just taken more time. When they got renewed, despite last season’s ratings, I felt that they should cut their losses and decide themselves to make this the last season. Take the time to do things right and end the season and the show neatly and conclusively, wrapped up in one nice big bow, the defeat of Red John. Jane would have had time to solve more of the mysteries, questions would have been answered, and the fans would have been satisfied, well most of us, and then bow out gracefully. Then if the show does get renewed move on to the next storyline, and if not then at least you went out on a high note and the fans go home happy. But no, they rushed through the Red John conclusion, condensed what should have been a whole season into eight episodes and are now gonna try to move on. They’ve disappointed fans in hopes to attract the viewers that are already long gone. Not a good idea. Could it have been better? Yes. However it was still pretty awesome. I for one look forward to seeing where they go from here.

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    It is extremely poor. I want to know where the story goes now but I don’t trust the writers to write anything worthwhile.