The Mentalist 6×07 ‘The Great Red Dragon’: or The breaking of the tea cup

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Yesterday’s episode was a doozy. All today that opening scene has been bugging me. Either A. there was a big editing or continuity error, B. simply a shoddy script, or C. I figured out who Red John is.

A couple things of note before I tear into the opening scene: we now know the evil organization of dirty cops is called The Blake Association, after William Blake the guy who wrote ‘The Tyger.’ I prefer The Legion of Doom better, but whatever. The tattoos are a mark of membership in said organization. Brett Partridge was a part of this organization, in fact they even went so far as to cut the tattoo off his shoulder to hide that fact. Jane’s tea cup broke :( this is actually kind of a big deal, also a metaphor, he loves that tea cup. He’s had it forever. By the way you can buy said cup on the CBS store.

Source: CBS That was my favorite cup :,(

Source: CBS
That was my favorite cup :,(

Moving on: the thing is we are missing maybe 5 minutes of whatever went down in Jane’s house, missing. The information we have does not make sense, something went down that we did not get to see. So here’s the deal there’s a couch and two chairs in an L shape. Bret Stiles, Ray Haffner, and Sheriff McAllister are sitting on the couch Gale Bertram and Reede Smith are in the chairs and Jane is standing between them. Jane asks to see their shoulders and three of them have the tattoos: Bertram, Reede, and McAllister. So he has them get up and move against a wall opposite the couch.

At this point someone fires a gun. It is assumed that it’s Jane who fires his shotgun at one of the three men. But we don’t know, we don’t get to see. Then we cut to Lisbon, who is still enroute. We see her driving down the road and up to the house and after she gets out of her car and walks up to door an explosion rips through the building. First off the editing makes it seem that some time has passed between the gunshot and the explosion.

Now after that things start to make even less sense. Lisbon runs into the house and finds a foot. That’s got to be a very powerful explosion to not only sever a man’s foot at the ankle but also blow off his shoes and socks. She also finds Reed Smith who pulls a gun on her, she fires back and Reed runs out of that room, into a second room, past Jane and Bertram, and out the back. Jane and Bertram appear to be in a different room then where we saw them last. Then later we learn that there were three bodies, in pieces and charred beyond recognition. DNA tests show them to be Stiles, Haffner, and McAllister, with no mention of any bullet wounds.

Now the obvious question, who got shot? Let’s assume that the shooter is Jane. The three survivors, Jane, Bertram, and Reed were not shot. Stiles and Haffner did not have tattoos and therefore Jane had no reason to shoot them, that we saw. The only assumption left is that he shot McAllister and the explosion covered up the evidence. I don’t like that explanation however. Do I believe that Jane would gun all three of the suspects down simply on the chance that one of them could be Red John? Sure. However, there’s more mystery here.

Why were Jane and Bertram found in a different room? Were their bodies thrown that far? If that’s the case then why wasn’t Reed, who was standing right next to Bertram, also thrown that far? It almost seems that Jane and Bertram walked off before the explosion, but to what end? Were they hatching a plan? Was Jane doing some one on one interrogating? It doesn’t add up. This problem however I am willing to let pass as simply an error in continuity. The next question I will not.

The most nagging thing about all this, and I made a diagram for this part:


McAllister shouldn’t be dead. It would appear that the explosion originated by the couches that everyone was sitting on. Probably left behind on said couch when Jane told them to move. This would make since given that Stiles and Haffner were blown apart, they were closest to the blast. However, McAlister supposedly also died in the blast. Based on the position of where everyone was when we last saw them, he would have been the farthest away from the blast. In fact Jane was standing between him and the blast and he was only knocked unconscious. McAlister was supposedly burnt to a crisp. It does not add up.

I propose that McAllister left the bomb where he was sitting, right next to Haffner and Stiles, found his opportunity and escaped out the back. Possibly during the gunshot, or when Jane and Bertram to left the room. Then had the Blake Association falsify the records to show he died.

So that makes him Red John right? Well I am being torn in three directions. This episode literally tells us that Bertram is Red John, in a press conference. The evidence, or more correctly the lack thereof, tells me it’s McAlister. And yet I still feel the narrative direction saying that no one on Jane’s list is Red John. Whoever it is I believe Jane has figured it out. He would not have given in to the FBI taking over if he wasn’t already sure, and knew what to do. I will go ahead and take a stand and say, McAllister is Red John. Either that or I will be disappointed because of big scripting error. Whatever the case may be we shall find out next week. That’s right, next week will supposedly be the final conclusion of the Red John story arc. Before you go let’s take a one last look at the rouges’ gallery:

Mentalist Rouge Gallery2


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    Good work but I think RJ is Cordero or someone’s twin.