The Mentalist 6×05 ‘The Red Tattoo’: or Slingshot stabby stab!

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Did you just fart in the elevator?

In keeping with the layout of this season’s episodes so far, Jane investigates yet another Red John suspect, this time it’s Ray Haffner. I have to admit he can be kinda creepy at times. He used to be an agent in the CBI, but Jane made a total fool of him, it was hilarious,

If you remember Haffner was the lead on another team of CBI agents, the team Jane was transferred to after Lisbon’s team got put on probation for some illegal stuff, long story. Well Jane slowly replaced Haffner’s team with Lisbon’s team, one person at a time. Then gave Haffner false evidence and basically forced Lisbon to solve the case. Thus getting her job back and everything returns to normal, except now their boss pays closer attention. Haffner retires gracefully to pursue independent opportunities. He is a member of Visualize, the enigmatic cult that may have ties to Red John, and he uses those connections to start a private investigation and security firm. Visualize is subsequently one of his clients and when a prominent member of the organization is murdered he steps in as part of the investigation.

Source: CBS Mmmmm.... fruity

Source: CBS
Mmmmm…. fruity

***SPOILERS AHEAD*** Oh, and Jason Cooper also comes back for this episode, played by the always enjoyable Robert Picardo. So now that you’re up to speed here’s the set up. The aforementioned prominent member locks himself in his room, alone, and is then stabbed to death. How did that happen? Well it turns out to be rather obvious; he wasn’t stabbed in his room. He was stabbed a block away and stumbled back to his room where he exacerbated his wounds by building a giant slingshot and proceeded to bleed out. See? Obvious. Also Rigsby and Van Pelt got married a few episodes ago and so far everything is going great. Rigsby can’t help but brag to Cho about it over fruit cups. As they investigate the murder Cho meets this lovely blond woman. So the audience is supposed to go, aww cute, he might have a love interest after all. Nope, she’s a private investigator who was hired by visualize to place a microphone in his office. Jane exposes her and sends her on her way, after placing a microphone in her bag. So we’re thinking she is a private eye, maybe they’ll cross paths on another case or something. They still have a shot right? Nope, Red John kills her. ***SPOILERS OVER, MOSTLY***

Source: CBS What are you looking at?

Source: CBS
What are you looking at?

It turns out he was the one who hired her. Thus proving yet again Red John can pull a fast on Jane. Here’s a fun bit about this private eye, she was told specifically to get close to Cho, why? Because Red John’s knows the team so well. It really is rather creepy. Cho is already feeling a little love sick, and she looks a lot like Summer Edgecombe, you know, his serious relationship from season 4. The one that got away if you will. So of course even someone as stone wall as Cho would let his guard down. It’s another great thing about this show. The idea of showing not just telling. They never once bring up Summer in the episode, but anyone who’s been following the show knows what she looks like. Therefore when someone looking just like her comes in and tries to butter up to Cho you know that’s what they were going for. What’s implied here is that Red John knows a lot. He knows about Rigsby and Van Pelt’s wedding, not that impressive mind you, but he also knows how Cho feels about it. He also knows about Cho’s secret love affair. What else does he know? How is he going to exploit it? Jane does ultimately figure out what’s going on but by then it’s too late. Before she dies she tells Jane her attacker, presumably Red John, has a tattoo of three dots on his left arm. Hmm, dots, where have I seen dots on someone before? Oh, that’s right, Brainiac!

Source: CBS, Hanna-Barbara And with my Brain-o-matic device I shall defeat Patrick Jane, once and for all!

Source: CBS, Hanna-Barbara
And with my Brain-o-matic device I shall defeat Patrick Jane, once and for all!

Now I don’t think that Ray is Red John, but it is certainly a possibility. There’s a few interesting things we find out about Ray in the episode. He’s terrified of spiders, Red John as some type of phobia, and he disappeared around the same time  was killed. Cooper said simply that Ray had other clients and was with one of them, but I don’t know. Ray dose try to warn Lisbon and Van Pelt to say away. Claiming that Jane was angering some important people and it was going to get dangerous. Implying he might know about the Tyger Tyger conspiracy. Another Red John tidbit is that Bret Stiles is missing, ironically around the same time Jane got the tape from Lorelei. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s in the next episode I might be worried for his life. It is rather suspicious him going missing like that, especially with the timing. Another fun possibility to be explored in the next exciting episode of The Mentalist!

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