The Mentalist 6×04 ‘Red Listed’: or Burnt face dead guy from season 4!

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A meeting of the minds

**Spoilers right off the top in the first sentence!!** Kirkland is not connected to Red John?! WHAT?! Well, that’s not true, he is, but not in the way we all assumed. He is desperate to KILL Red John, not part of Red John’s organization, which I shall henceforth refer to as The Legion of Doom.

Remember when he stole Jane’s notes on the case? Well the notes were all a lie, that’s right the big wall Jane kept staring at all last season was a lie! Well a trap, more like it, designed to lead whoever else reads it to come up with an incorrect list of Red John suspects. Kirkland stole this list because he wants revenge on Red John for possibly killing his brother. That’s why he’s desperate for this case, and desperate for any information Jane has on it. I know what you’re thinking, ‘But he killed Jason Lennon, one of Red John’s followers.’ Well he asked Jason if he recognized him, and when it was clear that he didn’t, Kirkland killed him. Kirkland knows that no follower of Red John will talk, but he also knows that Red John knows him, similar to Jane’s situation. So we he rules out Jason being Red John, and decides to kill him, for possibly revenge, or a twisted since of vigilante justice, maybe even a substitute for killing Red John. If he would have just interrogated him, or let Jane talk to him he might have his answers, and why not? Him and Jane want the same thing, right? So they should work together, right? Wrong! They both have too big of an ego to help each other out. They both want their revenge and don’t want to share. Kirkland makes the claim that he and Jane are the same except he’s willing to torture and murder to get what he wants. Which begs the question how far will Jane go?

Source: CBS This chair is uncomfortable, could I have another chair?

Source: CBS
This chair is uncomfortable, could I have another chair?

So, Kirkland has this fake list of people, all of whom are murders and child abusers and whatnot, yet none of them are Red John. Well people on said list start turning up dead. So Lisbon wants to stop the murderer, and Jane simply asks, why? All the people on the fake list are horrible and have it coming, let them die. Lisbon disagrees and they try to put these people under police protection. Well of course if a cop knocks on the door of felon and demands he opens the door what do they do? They run! For a drama as dark as it is, I have to say this show is pretty funny. Turns out Kirkland is interrogating these guys, torturing them, trying to get a confession that they are Red John, and of course they aren’t so he kills them. Well Jane gets kidnapped and rescued, by Madeleine Hightower, who’s dead, but not really she faked it, and Rigsby and Van Pelt (aka. Mrs. Rigsby) continue their relationship. Oh and someone dies at the end! Not gonna say who, but it was such a good scene. The killer is all, ‘go ahead and run! I’m here to rescue you.’ And he’s all, ‘no you’re not. I should have known.’ Just the resignation in his face made the scene. Very well acted, major Kudos.

Source: CBS Go get'em Wayne!

Source: CBS
Go get’em Wayne!

Also we find out more about the whole ‘Tyger, Tyger’ thing. It’s apparently the code word for the secret conspiracy of dirty cops who are either working for or with Red John. It’s basically the password to get into the Legion of Doom headquarters.

So with Brett Partridge dead and Robert Kirkland cleared where does that leave us? Five names left on the list:

Reede Smith: In this episode we find out he is part of the Tyger Tyger conspiracy. Jane doesn’t know, but we know. He also was bossing Bertram around earlier this season about keeping tabs on Jane. Rather suspicious. I don’t believe he is the Lex Luthor of this The Legion of Doom however, so I’m just gonna say he’s Solomon Grundy.

Source: CBS, Hanna-Barbera Solomon Grundy want pants to

Source: CBS, Hanna-Barbera
Solomon Grundy want pants to

Gale Bertram: It seems like he is at least part of the Legion of Doom because of what Reede told him to do. However in this episode it’s revealed that CBI director is supposed to be keeping tabs on

Jane and sending the info to the FBI so Bertram may just be doing his job and not know it’s for Red John.

Sheriff McAllister: Strong candidate, he was also in the room when Reede was talking to Bertram. He’s afraid of birds and Red John supposedly has some kind of phobia. He also seems to be keeping tabs on Jane, and he as a certain, ‘bloodlust’ as Jane put it.

Ray Haffner: Don’t know yet. Of all the people on the list this was the most surprising to me, because Jane made him look like a fool in what is arguably my favorite episode, ‘Little Red Book.’ Red John would not allow that, or at least would have seen it coming. However, he enjoys whistling, Red John enjoys whistling, and he is a member of Visualize, and Red John does have ties to that organization.

Bret Stiles: The current leader of Visualize. He has the charisma and the obsessive following to lead the Legion of Doom. He also has the mental faculty to keep up with, if not beat Jane. However he’s just too obvious of a choice. Like I said before I want it to be him, but I doubt it.

I still feel that it’s not anyone on the list.

We shall see! Only four more episodes until the episode titled ‘Red John,’ perhaps the big reveal? Something big is gonna happen. After that the episode titles stop being red. EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of this show is titled something to do with the color red. 120 episodes! But after ‘Red John’ is ‘My Blue Heaven’ and then ‘Green Thumb.’ Something big is going down November 17. I will see you there!

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