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The Mentalist 6×03 ‘Wedding in Red’: Or pizza delivery gone wrong!

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In this exciting episode of The Mentalist Jane forces himself on a case in Sheriff McAlister’s jurisdiction just so he can investigate the Sheriff himself. He keeps trying to make the case out to be something big enough to involve the CBI, big money, or ulterior motives, or something, anything. But it’s just a pizza delivery guy, who was hit on the head and thrown in a river, yet of course Jane turns out to be right anyway and it was about big money. That’s not the point though. Jane couldn’t care less about the murder victim, his family, or the wedding he destroys in the process, he just wants to find out whether or not Sheriff McAllister is Red John. Sophie Miller, The psychiatrist from ‘Black-Winged Redbird,’ claimed that Red John was afraid of heights. So on multiple occasions Jane and Lisbon try to put McAllister a tough spot, vertically, and he manages to work his way out of it each time. Until the end of the episode where he climbs up to the top of a building and casually strolls along the roof seemingly dispelling all suspicion. He is however afraid of birds, could be important, also Jane seemed terrified on the roof, yes he had a gun pointed at him, but after McAllister rescues him he climbs back on all fours, clinging to the ridge cap. Jane has never really seemed afraid of heights but he could have just been very good at hiding it.

Source: CBS This is why we can't have nice things.

Source: CBS
This is why we can’t have nice things.

There are a couple of fun things in the episode. One is we, once again, see Jane’s complete disregard for human beings. He destroys a happy couple by pointing out that the groom’s sister hates the bride, that the bride’s mother was making out with the groom’s father, and that the bride generally looks down on the groom and his family. The thing is he’s not bothered by this at all, not in the slightest, until he realizes he needs the wedding in order to catch the killer. So he brings out the big guns, Grace Van Pelt, to manipulate the two into going ahead with the wedding. He even volunteers to marry them, apparently he has a mail order wedding license, in order to keep everything on track and on schedule. This is yet another example of how Jane will do whatever he wants to get whatever he wants, with no care for the consequences. We often times forget that Jane is a high-functioning psychopath. I mean he’s funny, witty, charming, adorable even, but he is a psychopath. Wainright, Jane’s old boss, pointed that out in season 4. In those moments where the damage he leaves behind doesn’t even faze him we can see it. It’s small but it’s there and it’s awesome.

Source: CBS Jane looks kinda creepy spying on the happy couple

Source: CBS
Jane looks kinda creepy spying on the happy couple

Second is Van Pelt. We get to see her girly side in this episode. She is a fantastic character and Talk about a strong woman; I mean she’s strong enough to kill her fiancée to save the lives of his victims. In case you don’t know he was a murderer working for Red John. Yet she’s not just the ‘I’m a strong female cop’ cliché. She’s a well-rounded character. She’s spiritual, sensitive, even naïve, and yet she’s profession, strong willed, and can kick your ass. When Jane asks her to get the formerly happy couple back together she doesn’t manipulate the bride, she’s just honest with her. We get to hear her talk about her heartbreak. It’s rather sad when she says she keeps your wedding dress under her bed to remind herself that she used to dream. Used to being the sad part. Of course Rigsby hears the whole thing and later asks Van Pelt to marry him, it doubled as a distraction for Jane, but it was honest. They get married at the close of the episode and ride off in a civil war era carriage, long story. Jane doesn’t attend however, although I think he’s the one that procures the carriage. He watches from the hall way through a cracked door, until he tears up and leaves. I think that’s why he wasn’t there, weddings make him sad. Reminds him of his wife and all that.

One more note on the wedding, they are wrapping up story lines. Rigsby and Van Pelt have been a on again off again plot point since season one and it has now come to a close. Apparently they this is the beginning of their departure from the show. I know Bruno Heller says they have plans for a season 7, but it really seems like they’re preparing to not get the chance. Hope for the best, plan for the worst sort of thing.

Source: CBS Hi ho Silver, away!

Source: CBS
Hi ho Silver, away!

The last note Sophie Miller said that Red John’s phobia was real although it may not actually be acrophobia; she did feel that he was lying about something.  McAllister is afraid of birds, is that a clue? Jane seems afraid of heights, is that a clue? It seems they are once again teasing the whole Jane could be Red John thing. They played this up a while back, and it’s always been there when they talk about how similar Red John and Jane are, but as time has gone on and Red John has grown bigger and more ridiculous it’s become harder and harder to see it being the case. There would have to be A LOT of explaining. Yet three law enforcement officers are asking about what Jane knows, asking if he’s figured it out yet. It’s little things sure. Yet in this very episode the thing that reveals the killer is that he encouraged the wedding when it started falling apart. In this show tiny little insignificant things often turn out to be huge clues, and like I said before they played around with this idea for a while, a long time ago, but still. Why bring it back up now? We shall wait and see.

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