The Mentalist 6×02 ‘Black-winged Redbird’: Or drones that go BOOM!

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You've got red on you

One episode down and one suspect off the list. We are making good time. As the Red John mystery deepens we once again encounter that annoying detour of ‘murder.’ I mean what do those cops think they’re doing? Their jobs? Well yes, but that’s not the point!

***SPOLIERS AHEAD*** So, once again everything we need to solve the case is right there in front of us. A guy who makes unmanned air craft for the military dies when his car blows up. He was checking his watch; he knew when it was gonna happen. Right from there it’s pretty obvious the who and how, but we’re missing the why. So we find that his experimental combat drones are faulty and he’s obsessed with Samurai and Bushido. Sure people want to kill him, and it’s fun to see James Urbaniak guest star, but that’s all Red Herrings. Suicide by drone. The question is who pushed him into it? All this gets wrapped up in a nice neat bow, pretty subpar for this show honestly. Even when Jane exposes the woman who’s trying to cover it up there’s no grand show, no huge trick. He just tells the evidence… and a rather small lie, and she’s singing like a canary. This episode really wasn’t about the crime. It wasn’t supposed to be.

Source: CBS Yum, you shouldn't have

Source: CBS
Yum, you shouldn’t have

Quite frankly the murder case didn’t matter. The big deal was Jane’s former psychiatrist. It’s obvious she’s dead, but the head in the oven was a pretty neat reveal. Not suicide head in the oven mind you, Red John removes said head and puts it in the oven. There is also some fun with the Red John suspects. One of the suspects is dead. Three of the suspects meet up and make cryptic remarks about finding out what Jane knows, suspicious, and a fifth visits Lisbon in the hospital. Oh by the way Lisbon didn’t die last episode, obviously. And finally the big reveal that Red John met the psychiatrist. That’s part of how he knows so much about Jane ***SPOLIERS OVER***

This was by a wide margin not their best episode. It was rather predictable. There was some great banter and good dialogue, but the episode really just serves to give us some more Red John info. Now that’s all well and good but you can do that and not be subpar, like last week’s episode, a short, but unique case and a twist ending. This one was very straight forward with no real surprise, very little illegal activity from Jane, and almost no lying to get the truth. It just wasn’t very mentalisty. The Red John info that we get is still worthwhile, any Red John info is worthwhile but it doesn’t point out any specific suspects. In fact the psychiatrist’s notes take turns describing them all.

Source: CBS Do these glasses make me look cool?

Source: CBS
Do these glasses make me look cool?

So, who is Red John? I want him to be Bret Stiles. Actually I wanted him to be Patrick Jane, but that ship has sailed, it would be very confusing now to make that work. But ever since Bret Stiles showed up in season 2 I’ve had my suspicions. He has the resources, the man power, people fanatical enough to kill and die for him, and he is more than a match for Jane, both the character and the actor playing him. Malcolm McDowell is fantastic and he plays the character so well. I want him to be Red John; however he’s too obvious of a choice. Right now I think that Red John is not on the list. I think that some of the people on the list are working for Red John, we already Kirkland is, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bertram, Reed, or even McAllister are as well. But Red John himself? I don’t think Jane even thought of him, or maybe he already ruled him out because he would have never guessed. Red John is always a step ahead and I feel that they’re going to throw us some kind of curve ball midseason finale twist that just blows Jane away, and, by extension, the audience.

Who do you think is Red John? Who do you want to be Red John? What did you eat for Breakfast? I want answers people! Let me know what you think.

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