The Mentalist 6×01 ‘The Desert Rose’: Or flowery skeleton dude!

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I got Peanuts in my gun!

Supposedly this season is the FINAL CHAPTER for Red John, Bruno Heller himself has been very clear about it, Red John will be caught and or killed this season, and it’s about time! They’ve been teasing us with this for 5 seasons now and frankly it’s gotten rather ridiculous. What kind of a serial killer runs a nationwide organization of murdering psychopaths?! It’s like some sort of evil organization of super villains. It’s the Legion of Doom! Jane is fighting the Legion of Doom and Red John is Lex Luthor, surprise! The End.

Source: Hanna-Barbera and DC Comics

Source: Hanna-Barbera and DC Comics
Meanwhile at the Visualize headquarters!

No, but seriously the Red John story line has gone on for long enough. Reason being it has been built up to such a grandiose degree, that it will be hard to end without severe disappointment. There has to be some big pay off after all of this. It can’t just be that random side character from that one episode. The other problem is that this darker turn the show has taken, which personally I enjoy, is affecting the show’s ratings. First they were moved to the jinxed Sunday night slot. Then last season premiered to abysmal ratings. A lot of people questioned whether or not The Mentalist would be renewed. The season finale however had better ratings and fortunately it was renewed. However, it seems that this has forced their hand to end the Red John storyline THIS season just in case they don’t get another chance. All of this adds up to: this just might be the show’s last year. Even though Bruno Heller has said he has a Post-Red John plan, if Mentalist doesn’t knock the ratings out of the park this season, which will be hard in that Sunday slot, there’s a good chance that CBS will decide catching Red John is a good stopping point and call it off. That makes me a sad panda.

So! With that in mind, if this is to be the last season of The Mentalist then you better not miss a moment! Let’s get started. The episode starts right where we left off with the big reveal of the list of suspects and the notion that Red John is still one step ahead of Jane. What’s really crazy about that season finale is that we have been led to believe that Robert Kirkland is at least part of Red John’s Legion of Doom, because he killed Jason Lennon in Behind The Red Curtain. He stole Jane’s notes on Red John and it’s implied that, ‘oh no, now Red John knows what Jane knows.’ BUT NO! The recording was made 4 episodes before Kirkland stole the notes! Why did he steal the notes if Red John already knew everything?! That’s why we love this show, I’ll get back to that in a second.

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Don’t go… you’re my ride home.

First, why we love Jane. So they get a case, woman is strangled, fiancé is grieving, looks like a robbery. So Jane figures it’s the fiancé, eggs him on, and gives him a loaded gun. So he puts the gun to Jane’s head and starts threating the cops and casually Jane simply says, ‘The gun doesn’t work. I put peanuts in the chamber. So, just come on down and arrest him.’ There’s a shot of Lisbon just shaking her head. That look of, ‘Jane, why?’ and sometimes we all feel like that. And that’s why we love Patrick Jane. He just completely throws caution to wind he just doesn’t really care, and he’s justified because he’s always right!

**SPOLIERS AHEAD** Well things go badly after that and they get sent out of town to investigate this skeleton, dead for a year and a half or more. On the way back Jane sees this sign for a diner and, randomly, suggests they stop there to eat… and then Jane won’t leave. The team has 3 suspects. Jane invites them all to the diner and then reveals, in his usual theatrical way, it’s the owners and operators of the diner. He knows this because of the sign. The dinner is all but empty every time we see it. How did they afford the shiny new sign out front? Because they killed a rich man and stole his money. There’s more evidence than that of course, all of which we saw on screen throughout the episode. All of the pieces are there, but it takes someone as smart as Jane’s to make sense of it all. And that is way we love the show. Oh, and the whole team knows about the suspect list now. **SPOLIERS OVER**

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Source: CBS
So, what are you wearing?

A lot of times in crime dramas there’s some twist, some big surprise who the killer is, and it can sometimes come completely out of left field. And if you’re just watching The Mentalist you think that’s what’s going on. However, if you are paying attention they show you everything you need to know, they rarely keep anything from you. This is what I was talking about with that Kirkland scene, they showed it to us, and so it’s important. Every episode is a puzzle and you have all the pieces. The question is can you put the puzzle together before Jane shows you he finished 20 minutes into the episode? It really is a very intelligent show. It’s not CSI. It’s not flashy lights and technobabble nonsense that catches the killer. It’s logical methodology, which leads to nonsense, which catches the killer.  I like shows that you can enjoy the funny antics, but if you let it, invites you think on a different level.

As a parting note, IT JUST GOT REAL! It is so on like Donkey Kong! The end of this episode will have you staring at your screen, gap jawed, going, ‘no way,’ for 10 maybe 15 minutes, for me it was 20! For those of you who know what I’m talking about I don’t really think that what was suggested we saw is what we actually saw, if you know what I mean.


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