The Last Man on Earth ‘You’re All Going to Diet’: On the road again


Well, it looks like we really are getting that road trip I hoped for. The Tucson Crew has finally thrown the towel in and decided to find a new home. This decision, of course, comes on the heels of the realization that Pat is actually still alive and probably still vengeful. Tandy and Lewis make the case that Pat is more scared of them, but it isn’t past the realm of possibility that Pat would come back to their home. Pat is unstable, and isn’t exactly in the best place to make rational, calm decisions.

But before the crew leaves, they try to defend their home one last time. A lot of their safety measures – putting up singing fish as an alarm system, using whistles and tap shoes to show they’re not Pat, and Melissa essentially turning the house into a war zone – are all pretty classic behavior for the group. In times of stress, the crew aren’t exactly the most rational people either. The difference is that the audience now has Lewis to compare the rest of the group too.

Lewis is probably the sanest person on the show now. He hasn’t been sucked into the Tucson Crew’s craziness yet, so everything they do is understandably irrational to him. The audience and the group are used to Melissa’s overreliance on weapons, but Lewis isn’t. When he sees Melissa setting up sniper nests, ax stations and land mines, he is understandably freaked out.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

While they have occasionally had visitors, for the most part the Tucson Crew have been alone with each other, becoming accustomed to one another’s habits and quirks. So when events escalate their normal routines to dangerous measures, it’s not as big of a surprise as it is for an outsider. Lewis is initially the only one able to see that the group has to leave their home. He doesn’t have the connection to it that everyone else has, but in this case it’s an advantage. His lack of history with the group allows him to think clearly and find the right solution.

The group’s departure is a surprisingly solemn one, but appropriate for all the history they have with the Malibu house. Their final act is to make one last visit to their graveyard, which really reinforces their personal connection to the house. It also tells the audience that they probably won’t come back to the house, at least for a very long time. They have to leave their past behind if they want to move on. It’s an appropriately serious moment, at least until Carol asks if they can dig Cher up and bring them with her.

Source:  Fox

Source: Fox

In the end, leaving the Malibu house is good for the group. They get to make a new start and find a new home. Where that home will be? Well, we’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope the group makes a good choice. Odds are fifty-fifty they’ll make a smart, rational decision.

Notes and Observations

  • “This is the right move – we’re safe here,” Tandy says, right before the show cuts to a decapitated head on a stick.
  • Right after I typed it, I realized how weird it is that the group has their own personal graveyard. This is a pretty dark comedy, guys.
  • “She doesn’t know! She’s shooting at random!” That actually sums up Melissa pretty well actually.
  • “My bad! I was laying some blanket fire and one got away from me.” I had to stop the episode I was laughing so hard at this point.
  • Gail’s belongings include a moving box full of wine and Gordon’s CPR dummy. Melissa was the MVP of this episode, but Gail was a close second.

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