The Last Man on Earth 3×07 ‘Mama’s Hideaway’: Weirdo Family


For the past couple of episodes, we’ve watched as Melissa began to spiral out of control, undone by the fact that she killed a person. The buildup finally paid off as Melissa, unable to cope with herself, decides to leave the group. It’s a good way to bring her whole plot to a head, and to show just how far she’s gone from the rational person she was in the first two seasons.

Whether it’s a cry for help or she really wants to leave the group, her absence is upsetting. The show was building up to Melissa doing something drastic, and this definitely counts. Not only is she clearly mentally unwell, but as Gail’s plot proves, it’s dangerous to be out by yourself in this world.

Just like Melissa, poor Gail has a few issues to work through this season. Rather than make Gail’s adoption of Carol a one-off joke, the show instead uses it to dig deeper into Gail’s character. We get some deeply humorous moments – especially Gail picking up Tandy’s habit of shooting doors rather than opening them, and her mother-daughter fight with Carol. However, it also helps the audience learn more about Gail. From her fight with Carol, it’s clear she’s been in the position of disciplinary mother to an obnoxious child before. Her motherly side also comes through when she outwits Tandy and Carol’s attempt to get a family photo of the three of them together. Her amusement and exasperation as Carol and Tandy follow her around shows that she’s been in scenarios like this.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

But when Carol insults her wine (probably the most grievous insult you can give to Gail), she decides to retreat to the building next door to be alone for a while. Unfortunately, the power gives out as she’s in the elevator, trapping her. This type of scenario is TLMOE’s specialty – a situation that normally could be solved easily, but in this case could prove lethal. Still, if anyone can stay alive – and pull off a one-woman plot – it would be Gail.

Hopefully this plot will eventually dig even deeper into Gail’s mind, and her isolation from people. While she initially goes into another building to get away from everyone, the end of the episode has her screaming for someone, anyone to hear her. It’s possible that by the end of this story the show might have Gail realize that she does need to be around others, especially in the mostly deserted world she’s part of.

Notes and Observations

  • Based on her comments during this ep. and the last one, I’m guessing Carol’s mother was a lot like Carol (and is probably where Carol got a lot of her personality from): a crafts loving, non-swearing, optimist. So basically, the complete opposite of Gail.
  • Also, I’m pretty sure being Tandy’s mother in law is Gail’s worst nightmare.
  • They didn’t have much to do in this ep., but I loved Erica and Lewis singing karaoke with Tandy. It’s nice watching as the group continues to bond and get closer.
  • I know Carol was irritated with Gail, but I was actually pretty surprised that she didn’t seem upset at all that Melissa had wanted Tandy to have a baby with her. Melissa and Carol were close during the previous two seasons – Melissa’s irrational behavior should make Carol feel at least a little worried.
  • Carol and Tandy’s little cottage is adorable. I love how someone – probably Carol – painted a house on the wall across from them so they could have “neighbors”.

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