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The Last Man on Earth 2×16 ‘Falling Slowly’: Baby crazy


I love The Last Man on Earth for multiple reasons: the sudden twists in plot; the half-fun, half-horrific take on the end of the world; the great choice in casting. But one of my favorite things about the show is the relationship between Tandy and Carol.

Initially set up as a classic sitcom scenario: a lazy, easy-going guy and an uptight, neurotic woman stuck together, Carol and Tandy have become much more. Over the course of two seasons, the couple has changed and evolved, learning to adapt to each others’ moods and needs. They offer support and love one another, helping each other through any problem. Carol in particular is a good source of advice; she is the reason that Mike and Tandy are friends again.

I’m not so sure the rest of the Tucson crew are as happy about that, as Tandy and Mike keep annoying them with their fifty karaoke renditions of “Falling Slowly”. (I love how Mike is just as into the song as Tandy is, proving that Mike is as weird as Tandy.) Unfortunately, this peace means that Todd grows jealous of the brothers’ bond, and that Tandy chooses Mike to impregnate Carol. It’s an awkward situation not made any better by Tandy’s obvious worry that Carol will fall for Mike.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

The episode does a good job of showing Tandy’s growing relationships with Carol and Mike. He finally declares his love for Carol (in albeit a really weird way: while she’s having sex with Mike), and realizes that she loves him back. She loves him so much, that he stops worrying that she will fall for Mike’s charm and leave Tandy. Tandy also tries to improve this relationship with his brother, by asking Mike to help give him and Carol a child. Again, it’s an awkward gesture, but a sweet one as well. Of course, it’s made even more awkward by the fact that all of the pregnancy drama for the three was unnecessary, as Carol ends up pregnant with Tandy’s baby.

The end of the episode is genuinely sweet, as Carol finds out she’s pregnant, and Tandy is the father. (Erica’s child will have a playmate!) For the first time in ages, the Tucson crew seems to be happy and at peace. And, of course, this show throws in another twist.

Absent from the celebration, Gail is outside, tanning and drinking. Suddenly, a look of fear dawns on her face, and the music turns menacing. In front of her is a drone, recording her.

Is this another survivor, just attempting to make contact? Or is it someone more menacing? Way back in my first review of the season, I wondered how the Tucson crew would react if they ever met a survivor who wasn’t friendly. It looks like they might have to be ready for that exact scenario.

Notes and Observations

  • “The movie is called Once!” I love Melissa.
  • …“I talked to Carol and she promised me it’s not going to be some big to-do.” Oh Tandy, I really thought you knew your wife better than that.
  • “Marriage should never be entered into lightly. It’s bond’s eternal. Now we come to the part in the ceremony where Carol and I will divorce.”
  • Gail’s ticked off expression and mutters during Todd and Carol’s wedding are priceless.
  • We got Todd’s sad breakdancing in this episode and it was a gift.
  • When the episode cut to the rest of the Tucson crew listening to Carol and Mike’s sex talk I died laughing. I’m not sure which was better Erica’s horrified head shaking or Gail’s “I’m not sure I like living here anymore.”

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