The Last Man on Earth 2×15 ‘Fourth Finger’: Things are getting hairy

Phil Beard

Before anything else, can we just discuss how dedicated Will Forte is to this show? He spends the entire episode running around with half his body shaved, with make-up caked over his face. That takes some commitment.

We also need to talk about Mike Miller, and his obnoxious behavior. So glad you made that huge journey from space, risking death, to get you brother to rub poison oak on himself, Mike. Yep, pretty revenge certainly makes the whole risky trip worth it.

If any of Tandy’s pranks had worked, Mike’s behavior in their prank war wouldn’t have seemed so bad. But considering how easily Mike fools Tandy, he just seems like a huge bully. By the time that Tandy throws sand at him (right after Mike placed Tandy’s bed over a cliff), and Mike declares he’ll have to “get him back”, it’s become clear that this is Mike’s main form of amusement. Again, he’s travelled from space, reunited with his little brother, and then promptly decided to torment that brother. No wonder they were estranged if all Mike did was harass Phil.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

The fake letter from Tandy to Mike is harsh, but it’s also understandable. Tandy wants to stop his brother’s abuse, and the only way he fight back is by emotional manipulation. Does it make it right? No, he goes way too far. However, after seeing an entire episode of Tandy dealing with Mike’s pranks, it’s unsurprising that he’d be desperate to finally pull one over on him.

Thankfully, his prank also leads to one of the best moments over the past couple of episodes, with Tandy and Mike bonding over their parents. It also lets Tandy display a mature side that we see all too rarely. He admits that he was jealous of all the attention Mike got from their parents, as Mike was an astronaut and Tandy was a temp. When Mike points out it didn’t matter to their parents, Tandy mumbles “I cared about it.” The moment is so sweet that the final prank at the end, set up by Mike before he knew Tandy was going to apologize, is hilarious instead of irritating. I really hope this means the end of the fighting between the brothers, and we can focus on different plot lines. Like the looming disaster that is Todd’s life.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Todd’s trying his hardest to balance his relationships with Gail and Melissa. Gail claims they can be mature and honest about the situation, but anyone watching the show knows that this will most likely end really, really badly. Todd’s policy of complete honesty means telling them about his sex life, including talking about one woman while he’s in bed with the other. Not to mention that he’s trying to figure out how to be a father to Erica’s baby and a friend to Tandy.

His decision and following speech to be there for everybody, and be everything to everybody, sounds really great. Right up until Carol asks for Todd to put Tandy’s baby in her. It’s a great laugh out loud moment as Todd confidently says “Of course”, but I do not see any way this can end well. Still, it’ll probably be hilarious, and I cannot wait.

Notes and Observations

  • I do wonder how they’re going to wrap up Mike’s storyline. It doesn’t look like Jason Sudeikis is going to become a full time cast member, and it isn’t as though Mike can just leave the group to join another couple of survivors.
  • The best summation of Tandy’s new look, courtesy of Erica: “You look like you’re two different serial killers.”
  • Carol, on the fight between Tandy and Mike: “This is like McDreamy versus McSteamy, redux.”
  • When Tandy is following Mike, he’s wearing his Christmas tree disguise, complete with ornaments.
  • So did anyone else tear up at Mike reading his mother’s letter? I cannot believe that Tandy actually wrote something so moving.

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