The Last Man on Earth 2×08 ‘No Bull’: One not so big happy family

Phil 2

The Last Man on Earth has spent the last few weeks proving how unlikeable Phil is: beating up Tandy, wishing that Tandy was dead, attempting to woo Carol away from Malibu, etc. But this week’s episode twisted the tables, offering up the idea that nobody on the Tucson crew was really likable.

It’s clear that all the crew are at odds with one another: Melissa and Todd can’t stop fighting, Gail’s so lonely she’s pretending a CPR dummy is her dead boyfriend, Carol is resentful of Erica’s baby, and Phil is just done with everyone. Only Tandy knows how important the crew is to each other, because he’s the only one to be exiled and then reaccepted by the group. He knows that life is better when everyone’s together. For better or worse, he’s going to make the rest of the crew realize that too.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Although many of his actions are misguided – locking Phil in the stocks, giving everyone rocks and then starting a fight – Tandy’s intentions are good and needed. This is made clear by the reappearance of his brother Mike, who is still drifting around in space and talking to a worm. Jason Sudeikis is great in this episode, as his desperation and depression are evident in every minute he spends on screen. He’s grown increasingly unhinged by his loneliness, to the point of getting high and floating around his own trash. Though Phil might think he’ll be fine by himself in Canada, Tandy and Mike Miller are examples that everyone needs human company.

Phil realizes this too, eventually coming back with the bull in tow, as well as volunteering to be put back in the stocks. I enjoyed this moment, mainly because it implies that Phil now understands that Tandy wasn’t attempting to sabotage or humiliate him by suggesting the stocks. Rather, he was trying to get him back into the crew’s good graces. Hopefully this means that Phil and Tandy can stop fighting and turn over a new leaf.

As the silent dinner at the end shows, the Tucson crew aren’t exactly thrilled to be with one another, but they’ve accepted that they need each other. It’s possible that they can make amends and start cooperating with one another. And honestly? It’s either stay together, or go mad in loneliness.

Notes and Observations

  • As you might have noticed, I’ve now started calling Phil 1 “Tandy” and Phil 2 “Phil”, mainly because it was getting confusing typing Phil and Phil 2 over and over again, especially when they’ve been the focus of the past several episodes.
  • “Webster’s dictionary defines team as ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’.” Wise words from Tandy.
  • Melissa throws dishes out the window instead of cleaning them up. I like her style.
  • Gail doesn’t get up until 11 AM. I also like her style.
  • According to Fox’s schedule, there’s no new episode next week. So for anyone celebrating the holidays, stay safe and have a good time!

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