The Last Man on Earth 2×05 ‘Crickets’: Bacon Bros

Phil Todd

When last week’s The Last Man on Earth ended in a cliffhanger, I wasn’t too worried. Mainly because that cliffhanger involved Todd, who has been established as the most good-natured of the group (the fact that even he hates Phil is proof that Phil really screwed up). Sure, he was hiding something from the rest of the Tucson crew, but how bad could it be? Turns out, I was wrong. I should have been worried about Todd’s secret.

I enjoyed the reveal that Todd was hiding bacon from the group because it showed that anyone, good or bad, could make big mistakes in this new society. Last season Phil behaved boorishly towards others, but this season shows that the rest of the Tucson crew isn’t perfect either. Gail is consistently drunk, even while trying to stitch up someone’s finger; Erica ignores Carol because Phil 2 obviously has a crush on her; and Phil 2 varies from being rude (consistently hitting on Carol even though she’s uncomfortable) to cruel (pointing a loaded gun at Phil last week and shoving him in a shack). Even Todd, sweet, kind Todd, selfishly hoarded bacon to himself. It’s a huge mistake when you realize that the Tuscan crew is running out of food fast, and could’ve used those 42+ packs of bacon to survive.

Photo Source: Fox

Photo Source: Fox

The Tucson crew’s society is headed in a dark direction, if this episode is anything to go by. They’re running out of food fast, resorting to eating crickets, and can barely keep from fighting amongst themselves to keep themselves healthy and alive. If they can’t stitch up a finger and share bacon, then despite having infinite resources at their disposal, they might have a hard time staying alive.

There are hints that things can get better – Erica and Carol make amends by the end of the episode, as do Phil and Todd. Although the Tucson crew might be wary of Phil and Carol, those two might be the best possible chance at keeping everyone together and alive. Carol’s resourcefulness and kindness, along with Phil’s newfound desire to bond with the others, can help the group. Still, I’m not sure that it’s enough.

The virus was so powerful that not only did it kill off almost all the humans, but apparently any animals and insects are almost extinct as well. I’m starting to wonder if the Tuscan crew can really repopulate the Earth as they were hoping last season, or if this is turning into a show about the very last people to ever walk the Earth. Let’s face it – even if the Tucson crew managed to repopulate the Earth, how would they survive without any animals or insects? This show has always been dark (it’s a comedy about the post-apocalypse, after all) but it’s getting even darker. I’m looking forward to seeing where the writers take it from here.

Notes and Observations

  • I find it sweet that Phil tries way too hard to prove he’s a good person, but whenever he’s around Carol his good deeds come naturally, without expecting any praise for them. His attempt to eat crickets (and convince others to do the same) only came from a desire to make Carol feel better about making cricket casserole. He really is a good husband.
  • Points to the entire cast for their faces during the cricket dinner scene – I couldn’t stop laughing. Kristen Schaal was the MVP of the scene though, with her forced cheerfulness.
  • I enjoyed Phil’s attempt at telling bad jokes in order to get the crickets to chirp.
  • Gail has become my favorite member of the Tucson crew (minus Phil and Carol), thanks to this episode. I couldn’t stop laughing when she volunteered to perform a medical procedure, with a wine glass in her hand.
  • Apparently the Tucson crew found/built two stockades. Joy.
  • I love that it took apparently less than a day for Carol to crack and start to decorate the shirt Melissa loaned her.
  • I really want the show to address the fact that the Tucson crew should grow fruits and vegetables. We saw last season that Carol could do it – all they need is some seeds and they’d be on their way to having a food supply.

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