The Knick 1×06 ‘Start Calling Me Dad’: I’d rather not, thanks

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As each episode keeps coming, The Knick delivers more and more. And with only four episodes left, it’s hard not to imagine what the climax is going to possibly be. The most gripping parts of this episode happen in the last 15 to 20 minutes, but the episode as a whole presents us with results to situations previously shown, and also with new situations that are sure to come to a head in the last couple of episodes (and could possibly spill over to season 2).

Thackery is much more energetic then we’ve seen him in any other episode. His determination to perform a successful c-section takes over him, and with the help of Dr. Chickering (and cocaine, of course), they finally perform a c-section without the baby and the mother dying. It’s satisfying to see Thackery and Chickering working together, and to see Chickering not being taken for granted. We see more of Chickering in this episode, and he just gets more adorable by the minute. Tensions keep building between him and his father however, and I have a feeling that that’s something that’s going to crop up again towards the last two episodes. But it is nice to see Thackery wanting to teach and involve Chickering in his work, especially since they are very different, personality wise.



It is strange, however, to see no interaction between Thackery and Gaillinger in this episode. Sadly, Gallinger’s baby girl dies (which I didn’t expect) from meningitis, and his wife is in complete denial. Not once does Thackery go to see how he’s doing. This could just be something to do with Thackery as a character: he might not know how to behave around Gallinger so he just avoids him. But it still seems strange that there has been no interaction between the two of them. I’m sure this will be addressed in the next episode or so, but it just seems out of character, even for Thackery.

Now it’s time to get to the most important, gripping parts of the episode. Thackery finally discovers Dr. Edwards secret underground clinic. The scene plays out basically as you would expect it to, but because of the caliber of the acting, the scene is so thrilling and gratifying to watch. Andre Holland and Clive Owen work really well together and again, their acting (and the writing) make the scene so gripping. And when Thackery finally accepts Edwards as a doctor at The Knick, you know that these next few episodes are going to be thrilling and crucial. Thackery and Edwards are very much alike, and it has taken Thackery till this episode to finally realize that. Besides the successful c-section, this is definitely one of the most satisfying scenes of the show so far.

The ending scene of this episode is probably the creepiest and most unsettling we have seen yet. I know in my last review I said that the endings have been lacking a bit. Well…I take that all back now. The father of Cornelia Robertson’s fiance comes into her room as she is changing (already not okay), and then tells her that he’s always wanted a daughter. This wouldn’t be as creepy as it is if she wasn’t essentially in her undergarments. He basically talks to her like she’s a child instead of the successful woman that she is, and it doesn’t help that she is in a vulnerable state.



It’s hard to tell if he’s threatening her or if he’s just being a creepy older man. But it would make sense if he was threatening her because while she seems to love her fiance, marrying him means that she would have to leave New York, which she obviously doesn’t want to do. He might have picked up on her doubts and decided to scare her a bit. But all in all, this scene shows the gross power that wealthy men had back in those days (not much has changed in that department), and it is truly hair-raising. And when he leaves the room and asks if she wants the door open or closed (like she’s a five year-old), all of the disgust that has been building up since he entered the room finally all collects and just hits you. It’s an unpleasant scene, but it just displays the amazing writing of this show.

Despite certain issues I’ve had with the show so far, such as the lackluster endings and, as of now, the lack of scenes with Thackery and Gallinger, this episode definitely raised the bar.Again, this episode provides a lot in terms of character and story. And if I don’t stop my self now, I could keep talking about this for ages. I think this episode is probably one of the best so far in the season. It’s very satisfying in terms of the successful c-section and Thackery and Edwards new found camaraderie. But at the same time it presents new situations and conflicts (the ending scene being one) that will definitely keep the audience intrigued. As I’ve mentioned previously, the build up may be a slow burn, but I have a feeling that the pay off is going to be beyond worth it.

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