The Knick 1×05 ‘They Capture The Heat’: I feel a love traingle brewing


Well, we’re halfway through the first season of The Knick. It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the midway point. I feel so conflicted. I want to see more, but I don’t want to have to wait for more. It goes to show that The Knick has proven to grab my attention, and I’m sure the attention of others as well. And while this episode’s title may not be the most descriptive or imply any substantial plot, it somehow brings to light a little something about the two most compelling characters of the show thus far.

Finally, Dr. Edwards gets to officially assist on a surgery with Dr. Thackery. It’s only episode five and I feel like we’ve been waiting so incredibly long to see this happen. Yes, it may only last a few precious moments, but it seemed like a little treat, a little promise of future surgeries that we’d see Thackery and Edwards perform together, especially since Gallinger was not very present in this episode until the end.



There’s also another point in the episode when Edwards is told by Mrs. Robertson that his mother is not well and is in a lot of pain. He runs over to the Robertson’s house (both of his parents work for them) only to find that Thackery has beaten him to the punch (I realize that’s no way to talk about somebody’s mother). Thackery manages to rid Edwards’ mother of her pain, with no real appreciation from Edwards. Obviously he wanted to be the one to help his mother. But I still think that Edwards and Thackery’s relationship will continue to develop throughout the rest of the show and will cause conflict with Gallinger (that should be where that is headed). Especially since Edwards shared that little tidbit of why New York City is so hot in the summer (and also the episode’s title): because the buildings capture the heat. It may not be very important, but it’s just very interesting to see Thackery share that same fact with Mr. Roberston (the true owner of The Knickerbocker) towards the end of the show. I see it as a sign of Thackery’s gradual acceptance of Edwards as both a person and a doctor.

We must also talk about Mr. Barrow and his association with one of the biggest thugs of the city, Bunky Collier, since it’s a major part of the episode. It’s actually how the episode starts, with one of his guys having been shot in the leg and looking for a doctor to treat him without removing his leg. Thackery is able to save the man and his leg (of course) which is good news for Barrow since he is in fact indebted to Collier and uses this to lighten his debt as much as he can. The main thing that we’ve learned about Barrow in this episode is that he is not good with money.

And since this is only 1900, important medical equipment that we use today is either only being introduced or hasn’t been created yet in this show’s timeline. But apparently, the X-Ray machine was invented or at least introduced in 1900 by the one and only Thomas Edison. It’s a pretty big deal, and Thackery is in awe of it and requests that the Knickerbocker purchase one which only costs $3,000, which, you know, was a lot back then. But for me, a lowly college student, that is still a lot. Thackery understands that the X-Ray machine will be the future of modern medicine and urges the heads of the hospital to invest in it.

Another development that I find important (character wise) is the apparent love triangle that is subtly developing with Nurse Elkins in the middle and Thackery and Dr. “Bertie” Chickering being her admirers. It seems that Elkins is more interested in Thackery than Chickering, which makes sense but at the same time…Chickering is just so dang adorable. But that, in turn, may be his downfall, since often women are attracted to more daring and rebellious men, which Thackery is. I must say, however, that Thackery is very adorable when he’s learning to ride Nurse Elkins bike. And you can just see in her little face that her crush on Thackery has grown substantially.



We also see in this episode another failed C-section. Well, actually, we don’t see it. The show has already shown us one failed C-section and fortunately felt that they didn’t need to put us through that again, which was a lovely gesture. Yes, apparently the Cesarian procedure is one that is difficult to master, even by skilled doctors like Thackery. And according to Chickering, they did everything right. Well, I assume this means that another c-section is in this show’s future, or Thackery will practice ways to make the next one successful. Or I could be totally wrong and we’ll never see another c-section ever again. And with Thackery’s failed surgery comes Edwards successful one, which he performed on a man with a severe hernia. And yes, this does mean that Edwards is still running his own underground hospital/clinic, which I feel someone will discover towards the end of this season.

I also feel that the case of Gallinger’s baby girl being sick (which is the only time we see Gallinger in this episode) will be prominent in the following episode, and might possibly include Edwards helping in some way to make her better. It may be a bit cliched, which is why it might not even happen. But I can’t help but think that that’s where that side plot is going.

Well friends, the halfway point is here. Five episodes left until we have to wait for season two. Thank goodness there will be one. As of now, how have you enjoyed your stay at The Knick?


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