The Killing 3×08 ‘Try’ : Blind Spot

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One of the most thrilling episodes of the season. The beginning of the episode was completely suspenseful and stressful. This episode also answered one of the biggest questions of the last couple episodes. The pastor is not the killer. Even though Pastor was proven innocent, the identity of the killer is still not confirmed. Hopefully since Bullet knows who the killer is, the killer will finally be revealed.



The best performance goes to Mireille Enos. This should definitely be one of the episodes she considers to send to the Emmys. The scene where pastor Mike gets captured and she comes into the realization that she was almost killed was great. You could feel the emotion she felt, it was really heartbreaking to watch. I’m glad that the episode focused more on Linden because the past episodes have been more on Seward and Bullet. It was nice to see more of Linden for a change.

This was not a good episode for Bullet. Bullet went through a lot. First she was called a liar by Holder because Bullet thought Lyric was missing but it turns out Lyric was actually fine. Then she had to deal with finding Lyric. Lyric was extremely mean this week. Lyric basically said she didn’t want to be with Bullet and told him to get lost. That was really hard to watch. I can’t believe she said that because she has been sending Bullet all of these signals to her. I’m really surprised Bullet didn’t freak out but I guess she understood or was too sad to be angry.

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Ray Seward was barely in this episode this week. Since the day of his hanging is come closer and closer, he is desperately trying to get Linden to save him. That was pretty confusing to see since he seemed like he has been fine with dying. Hopefully Linden and Holder can prove his innocence soon.



It was really upsetting to see Holder and Bullet arguing. Since Holder and Linden are getting closer to solving the case, both of them are really determined to find the killer. So when Holder thought Bullet lied about Lyric, Holder flipped out and basically told Bullet that no one cares about him. That was really unpleasant to watch since their relationship has been so great and funny. The episode ends with Bullet trying to call and tell him that she knows who the killer is. Hopefully Holder will answer.

Well it wouldn’t be The Killing if it didn’t end with a cliffhanger. It finished with the killer watching Bullet. Since Bullet said that she knows who the killer is, this could mean the we have seen the person already. Hopefully Holder will answer in time and save Bullet so that she can reveal the name. Overall the episode was very thrilling and amazing. Based on the ending of the episode, do you think the killer will kill Bullet next?

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