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The Good Wife 6×03 ‘Dear God’: Planting seeds


Ugh! This show is so good. These writers are simply amazing. The way they incorporate humor into the show is brilliant. This week’s episode is mainly about Cary’s bail hearings. The State’s attorney star witness disappears and they are pin-pointing Cary, saying that he intimidated the witness and that Kalinda was his accomplice. Underneath the bail hearings, is a case involving the a seed producer accusing a local farmer of replanting his seeds. This episode was probably one of the funniest episodes in the show’s run. These writers are seriously undervalued by the Emmys. 

The performance of the week goes to… Julianna Margulies. Whenever religion is involved, Margulies kills it. Alicia has been a pretty renowned atheist. She has never been religious and has never understood why her daughter, Grace, is. First of all, I’m glad Grace is back! We haven’t seen her in a while. I love the scenes between her and Alicia over religion because both of them have their different opinions. The reason Julianna is the performer of the week is mainly because of her great comedic timing. The Good Wife is seriously funnier than most of the comedies on TV. The scenes where the lawyers were quoting the Bible is absolutely hysterical. Julianna nails every scene comedy and drama wise.



Cary’s case is starting get so interesting. Even though he survived the bail hearing, he is not out of the clear yet. The State’s Attorney wants blood. He wants Alicia’s career tarnished and he wants Lemont Bishop to be in jail. In order to get to both of them, he’s been going after to Cary. Alicia running for State’s Attorney can get rid of both problems. I actually would’t hate Alicia to run but I like the idea of having her own firm more. She’s built her firm from the ground up and I’d hate to see that all go to waste.

This was probably my favorite episode of the season. I laughed so hard throughout and the cast as a whole was great. Shout out to guest star, Linda Lavin (Alice). She was hysterical as Cary’s investigator. I’m really loving Terry Crews on the show too. I starting to wonder if he and Alicia will hit it off. It’s still probably too really since Will but you never know…

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