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The Good Wife 6×02 ‘Trust Issues’: Goodbye


Another great episode to top an already amazing sixth season. This week’s episode is about Alicia trying to hold onto clients after the arrest of Cary. Cary being in jail has impacted the firm in a negative way and it could have not come at worst time since Diane is planning on moving to Florrick-Agos. This episode featured powerful performances by both Juliana Margulies and Christine Baranski… Not to mention a great guest performance by Taye Diggs. He’ll be a great addition to the team.

The performance of the week would have to be Christine Baranski. Although Margulies had more showy scenes, Diane’s scenes were expertly done by Baranksi. I’ve always been a fan of subtle acting, so that final scene where Diane is leaving the law firm that she built from the ground up is so well-executed by Baranski. Just by that soft “goodbye,” you can sense all of the pride and hopefulness she feels from leaving the firm. Baranksi is the only actor from The Good Wife to be nominated every year at the Emmys, and I’m hoping this will finally be her year to win.



I was glad to have a scene with Peter and Alicia this week. Although it might have not ended well, I just love seeing them act together… even if that means fighting. They’re only scene centered around putting up a second mortgage in order to pay Cary’s bail money. I would have to agree with Peter paying it would look badly for both of them. We still do not know 100% if Cary is telling the truth, so if he his guilty, paying his bail would not look good.

Overall, a really solid episode. Taye Digg’s recurring role could be really interesting to the story line. I could see him clashing with Alicia in future episodes. Both of the last episodes have hinted to Alicia running for State’s attorney. For all who are reading, do you think she will run? or stay at Florrick-Agos?

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