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The Good Wife 6×01 ‘The Line’: Cease and arrest


Finally! The Good Wife has returned and has come back with fresh and exciting new story lines. This show definitely holds up to the title of being the “Best Cable Show on TV.” Season six opens immediately where season five ended. Eli is determined to make Alicia the State’s attorney. With the way it’s looking, that could very well be a possibility. I’m extremely glad the writers are coming up with interesting story lines for all of the characters. I can tell this season is going to be better than ever even without Josh Charles (R.I.P. Will Gardner). 

The performance of the week handily goes to Matt Czuchry. His character goes through a ton this week. His character is in jail based on a conspiracy that he told Lemond Bishop’s crew how to avoid getting detected by police in order to transport 1.3 million pounds of heroine. Although it seems completely out of Cary’s character, he still could very well have done based on a recording stating that he told them. That is where the episode leaves off. Czuchry’s emotions were off-the-charts. From being yelled at by guards to getting his hand sliced, Czuchry showed his acting chops, which is something he doesn’t ever get to do. Like Charles with last season, this could be his season to have the spotlight.



This show has always been a very “woman empowering” show. Towards the end of last season to the very beginning of this one, it seemed like Diana and Alicia were going to join forces and build an empire. It could happen but it could also not happen. Yes, because Cary could end up prison and/or his reputation will be ruined as a lawyer and cannot return back the firm. No because David and Louis Canning are scheming for Diane to lose her clients and possibly her reputation in the process. Third option: with Diane not joining and Cary being away, this could allow Alicia to run for State’s attorney. It’s hard to decide which one I’d prefer. I’ve always loved Diane, so her and Alicia being a team would be fun and dynamic.

Overall, I terrific premiere… probably their best. Since the Emmys stupidly snubbed it in Drama Series this year, I hope they’ll change their minds next time around and actually support this show again. This is by far the best cable show on right now and might be the best ever!

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