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The Goldbergs 4×20 ‘The Dynamic Duo’: Shrinky Dinks


Every generation has their own Batman, and Barry almost started a war on The Goldbergs when it came to Michael Keaton vs. Adam West. While the Batman references were greatly directed by Kevin Smith this week, what was more interesting were the breakthroughs we got within the family when it came to bonding and future plans.

When Adam and Pops forget Barry in all their Batman related activities, Barry’s hurt. Which, this is really the first time we’ve gotten to see one of the other kids actually react negatively toward the relationship the youngest Goldberg has with their grandpa. It’s clear those two share a special bond, but we all felt what Barry felt at that moment when even his “evil” plan to break those two apart didn’t work. Nice try though…getting Adam to admit he hated Adam West’s Batman compared to Keaton’s.


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Changing lanes really quick, Erica was too sure she’d be getting an acceptance letter to her first choice school that she practically set her Penn State interview on fire (shout out to Cricket from It’s Always Sunny for his hilarious guest spot). Sadly though her first choice sent that dreaded skinny envelope. Anyone who has applied to college knows that’s the sign of death. Of course then everything came out, including the fact that Murray didn’t even graduate from Penn. How is anyone ever one credit short? This has never made much sense to me, but nevertheless…Can we expect to see Murray actually back in school in the future? Possibly next season?

With that he didn’t even stress on Erica’s decision to sing in the streets for the rest of her life. Which I thought was such an amazing scene. Parents often push their crap on their kids so much that it can drive the kids to rebel to a point of no return. Murray showed that when you take a step back, your kid has the chance to come to terms on their own. We also have to realize that Erica had to stay close because unlike with Modern Family, which is set in the now, this show is in an age without Skype.

Back to Barry. Wasn’t it heartbreaking to watch him say he didn’t feel loved as much as Adam? Poor middle child Barry, I felt for him! Hearts were mended though when Adam and Pops included him in their little home movies.

While this was an homage to Batman, what really shined was the emotion felt by Barry, and the relationship of Erica and her dad. A lovely episode from an even better show.

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