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The Goldbergs 4×19 ‘A Night to Remember’: Walking and talking


Is anyone else brought to tears by “Time After Time?” I just want to know I’m not alone. Anyways, it was prom on The Goldbergs and each sibling had their own version while learning one very simple lesson about the night. It’s not about the night really, it’s about who you’re with.

First off, I just want to say how freaking excited I am for Rowan Blanchard to Adam’s new love interest. She was uh-mazing on Girl Meets World and while I am beyond bummed Disney was horrible and cancelled it, I am happy to see her in this realm as Adam’s dream geek girl. I would have loved if she’d been his age, or even just a year older. Kind of bummed she’s two years older. Nevertheless, Adam told a tiny lie to get with her and thankfully even though Beverly almost ruined it, she fixed it and we got to see the start of something new. Also nice that the real Jackie popped up. Never ceases to amaze me when we see that connection.

the-goldbergs-a-night-to-rememberWhile Adam was finding new love, Barry was getting closer to saying goodbye to what will soon be an old one. Lainey can’t bare to pretend anymore and doesn’t want to go to prom. I can’t say I blame her. That line about the ticking time bomb of her heart, that was somehow the most endearing thing I’ve ever said a teenage character say. Well, as of today – this week. I’m sure Degrassi has some amazing lines I can’t recall right now. It was nice that in the end those two did get their night, even if it wasn’t one to remember in their school gym.

Then there was Erica and Geoff. While it was hilarious to see them continue to be on and off as prom dates, it was also kind of frustrating! Glad they finally got together on the dance floor though. Only question now is, will it last past prom night? Also, has Erica made a decision about college? If she’s packing up like Lainey…what’s the point in getting this hung up on Geoff?

This episode was cute and gave each Goldberg a chance to explore their heart. Now only time will tell if who they spent prom night with will last into the rest of the school year, or at least season.

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