The Goldbergs 4×18 ‘Baré’: Lucky in love


Would you have ever guessed that Murray was focusing so much love and attention towards Lucky because he was sad about his human daughter leaving? Nope! But then again, when you break down each of the Goldbergs’ walls…I really believe dad is the most sensitive. Meanwhile, Barry was having a crisis after learning his girlfriend was heading south.

One of the stupidest things to believe is that everything about high school will remain exactly the same once you graduate. Yes, you can remain friends with people. I’m not saying that you won’t. I also know that some high school sweethearts can last a lifetime…even today. But the idea that one would give up their future for someone – that’s a little too much. Then again, Barry’s proven he’s always a little too much when it comes to, well, just about everything he does.


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So when he learns the love of his life got accepted into her top pick he was not thrilled. Only because it was down south and far from Philly. We then had to watch him almost ruin his future as a doctor for love. Thankfully he does indeed have an amazing girlfriend (and mother) who weren’t going to let that happen. Also, I still can’t believe Barry’s calling in life is medicine. That’s not where I would’ve placed him when this show started…at all.

Elsewhere Erica and Adam had had enough of their dad spoiling the dog, Lucky. I get this 100%. My mom has a 13-year-old pup that is basically our fur-sister, and one time my mom got her a rib dinner for her birthday and when me and my brother asked what we were supposed to eat, we were told pb&j. So yeah, I get it. The difference is that my mom’s love for that dog wasn’t because I was heading to college. Nope, that was all Murray. Can you believe that breakdown he had? Both hilarious and sad all at the same time.

We often forget that parents are more than the people who pay for our food and shelter, and that they are actually people who care the most about us. We also forget to recognize the power of the present. Barry was so focused on him and his girl’s forever that he lost track of the actual time they have left together. This makes me wonder if we’ll see Erica and Lainey graduate this season, or if we’ll get one more season of senior year…

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