The Goldbergs 4×17 ‘Deadheads’: JTP RIP?


One cannot stress enough how much ABC needs to start pushing The Goldbergs more and more because in all honesty this and Speechless are they owning it this season. Anyways, once again this show was able to balance the heart and the laughter as Barry learned how important the JTP was, while his family realized that their “bad habits” are what actually made them lovable.

Being a great friend isn’t hard but sometimes we fail in major ways. I admit that I’m not the best in this department and this week Barry was the worst. When the JTP wanted to initiate a new member to the crew, Barry was SO against it. Trying to sabotage this the whole way through. You wanted to be on his side to a point, but when he tried to get them kicked out of The Grateful Dead show – that was too far. It was the first time I think since the show started that I could not stand that kid. Thankfully he was able to come to his senses and redeem himself by the end. I say thankfully because I couldn’t imagine this show continuing without that group of side characters to toss into the mix every once in awhile.


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Elsewhere in the Goldberg universe Adam’s f-bomb made the whole household switch it up. Beverly’s swear jar was about to fund a trip to the Bahamas. I was hoping that worked out because I would’ve loved to see a family vacation from an ‘80s perspective. Also, we have to appreciate that it was Murray that made Erica, Adam and Beverly come to their senses about their so called annoying qualities being what made them endearing to the rest of their family. Lastly, Adam taught me how to correctly pronounce Star Trek.

Cute, fun and a couple teachable moments. Another great episode in the books.

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