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The Goldbergs 4×16 ‘The Kara-te Kid’: Heartbreak


After all we went through with Erica and Geoff on The Goldbergs, they went and pulled the plug just like that?! Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen The Karate Kid (say what???), but that was way more crucial for me this week as this show seemed to pay a pretty big homage to one of the most notable movies of the ‘80s.

It was a Karate Kid themed episode throughout. From Adam having to battle the other Adam Goldberg for his name in a match, to Erica and Geoff realizing they started out their journey on a very wrong note. Ugh, we’re going to start there because my heart literally sank as she watched that horrendous girl cry, thought long and hard, and then sat the boy of her dreams down to break things off. Why was this romance so short lived?

Yeah, it wasn’t the best way to start a relationship but who cares. We went through so much to get to that kiss last week and now it all seems like it was for nothing. Also, this is pretty crappy for Geoff because I don’t think his girlfriend, well former, is going to take him back AND he doesn’t get Erica? Well that blows. It’s like if we watched three hours of a movie only to watch the guy sink down to the bottom of the ocean because somebody wouldn’t scoot over on her floating piece of wood. Oh wait, that happened and yes – Titanic still hits a nerve with me.


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Moving on…So because I don’t know the movie of the week The Goldbergs decided to pay tribute to, I wasn’t that into all the references. I will just assume this was another good one to add to their Goonies and Ferris Bueller pile because over the years this show’s proven to be great at doing their decade the ultimate justice.

What I was more into was finally seeing this other Adam Goldberg we’d heard so much about and am I alone in saying I was a little disappointed? Maybe it’s because he looked like Uncle Marv, or even older. He’s just not what I expected after this long wait. I was also hoping that at the end when we get the home movie footage, that there would actually be another Adam, or perhaps he was in the episode the whole time. Alas, we did not and he was not.

While I want to praise this week for delivering another episode that would make an ‘80s kid’s heart melt, I am too upset about the whole Erica and Geoff thing. Rude writers, RUDE.

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