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The Goldbergs 4×14 ‘The Spencer’s Gift’: Bottled farts


Getting a job as a teen is something I completely skipped. Wish I hadn’t, but at least shows like The Goldbergs will always be there to show the good and bad side of an after school responsibility. Whether they teach you about passion or give you a push towards what you really need to be doing in life, they never seemed too bad for the Goldberg boys. Erica was a whole other story though.

At some point, it’s time to get into the workforce and the Goldbergs just happened to do it all at the same time. Barry and Erica are excited to get hired at Spencer’s Gifts. One for the money and the other for the gag gifts lifestyle. You can guess which was which. Elsewhere in the mall Adam found a job at the arcade. Beverly an’t happy with it as she felt her baby boy was too special and should just focus on directing.

It was a real bummer to see Erica stoop so low due to her jealousy when Barry was surprisingly amazing at his job. Of course we knew things wouldn’t be left on such a negative note. They made up and we got another reminder that Big Tasty would one day be a doctor. That is still probably the craziest real life reveal this show has had this season.

A touching moment between brother and sister, it was matched by Murray realizing that Adam was kind of a special guy when he landed his first directing gig making a commercial for the arcade…to make up for all the quarters he was bullied into giving away.

ABC is really controlling my life with their family comedies two days in a row. Right now I feel like The Goldbergs on Wednesday, along with Speechless, and American Housewife and The Real O’Neals really need to get more credit. Modern Family and Blackish are great – but come on people, there are a lot of amazing shows on those two nights.

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