The Goldbergs 4×13 ‘Agassi’: Disco’s dead


This Valentine’s Day was not about Adam, Barry or the parentals of The Goldbergs, but rather Erica and her lack of love…and passion for life. We’ve seen her kind of lose herself after losing out on Geoff, and it was finally time for everyone to speak up. They wanted the old, confident, badass Erica back and thankfully by the end, they got her. While his sister was overcoming heartbreak, Adam was realizing that not all friendships stay on the same page your whole life.

Losing the one you love to someone else cannot be easy, but eventually you have to get over it and not let it control your life. Erica was a mess in sweatpants with permanent Dorito fingers, and no one was happy about it. After a failed intervention in which Murray was the star for not understanding a single moment – Beverly took things into her own hands, which meant taking her daughter to an empty disco.


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Meanwhile Adam and his best friend Chad, aka Chadam, was going through some rocky moments. I wish we got to see more of Adam before this though to really drive home the idea that they were inseparable BFFs. To me his girl friend is way more relevant, but anyways…when Chad starts ditching him for tennis, Adam decides to take up the sport. I 100% get this from Adam’s perspective. When you’re a weird person who doesn’t really gel with many people, it’s hard as hell when you realize your buddy is moving on from the thing that you two shared the most memories and fun times with. It’s like a part of you is dying, and while Adam went a bit too far by involving Barry and his Andre Agassi wig, I can see why he made that choice. I also appreciate that in the end Chad broke it down that they could still be best friends even if they are into different things now. Then of course you had to cry happy tears when you saw the real Chad was in this episode. Can we all agree that Adam F. Goldberg wins for some type of award for keeping in contact with the most people from his past?

In the end Erica got her groove back surprisingly thanks to disco and hopefully can move on from her broken heart. In all honesty I believe Geoff’s going to realize how horrendous his girlfriend is and break things off, but then it’s going to be too late as Erica is graduating…BUT we’ve seen how shows like Modern Family have worked around the oldest child and college, they never really go too far/make it anyway. So we should see Erica around no matter what and maybe, just maybe she’ll get the guy.

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