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The Goldbergs 4×12 ‘Snow Day’: Snow knives!


The kids are celebrating a snow day on The Goldbergs with forts and essays. Of course one of those does not make sense, but it soon will. Barry and Adam discover their father isn’t so strong as he appears, and Erica sees her worst nightmare come true when Beverly learns she is indeed her daughter’s hero.

Murray can be a bit much but we always know he has a heart of gold underneath all those mean glares towards his children. So of course he was all about finding Adam when he went missing – even after his sons tried to play him, messed with the temperature in the house and questioned his tin popcorn authority. At the end of the day a good parent never quits caring and being there for their spawn. Just once though I’d like Murray to be that mean guy the whole way through, but of course that would stray FAR from what we’ve already established about him. A tough exterior with nothing but sweetness inside.

Elsewhere in the Goldberg household Beverly wanted nothing more but to be the hero in Erica’s last college essay. Her wish came true after snooping, and when the word got out thanks to her overt gloating – Erica was not having it. Looking back on writing those, I am not sure which would’ve gotten her into Penn State. I remember my English teacher in 10th grade said that when it comes to those you have to make them laugh or cry or else it’ll be forgettable. With that, I think either – if well written – may’ve done the trick but wouldn’t it suck to send the wrong one?

All in all, another cute and heartfelt episode from my favorite throwback sitcom. Funny enough though, this one didn’t make me cry – really surprised by that! Anyways, for those who live where the snow falls…what was your favorite thing to do on a snow day?

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