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Beverly has always been an overachiever when it’s come to parenting, but she’s now taken that up a notch now that she’s in the school system on The Goldbergs. And it went overboard this week after she saw one of the most inspiring movies about teaching – ever. Meanwhile Adam was learning that his shirts vs. skins games may not be as bad as what his puberty stricken BFF is going through. Thankfully his sister was around to set him straight.

Dead Poet’s Society lit an already high flame in Beverly’s behind, because after a showing she swore she was going to be that substitute that made a major difference in her students’ lives after she got to replace a regular teach due to a cocaine addiction. How awesome would it have been to hear your every day teacher was out because of that? I mean not for them, but at that age – I would’ve laughed. Anyways, with Barry in her class – he was not having his mom’s Robin Williams’ display of teaching.

Over in Adam’s world, a note passed his way and then forcibly read outloud made his best gal pal insanely uncomfortable. I totally felt for her. As someone who started developing in third grade, I can attest that boys at that age (any age) can be cruel. I too wore baggy clothes and didn’t stop until I was a sophomore in high school. It’s a shame that our new and developing bodies can be the cause of so much anxiety growing up. Luckily Erica had gone through it and was able to let her brother know what to do and how to be there for his friend. While Adam standing up for his friend was touching, it was Erica standing up for him that made the tears start to well up in my eyes. That and the fact that the real Barry Goldberg being an actual doctor.

Yeah, Murray tricking Barry into liking school wasn’t the greatest idea but hey – parents gotta do what parents gotta do. I was just happy that we got a legit “O Captain! My Captain!” by the end. Shout out to Robin Williams for being there for all of us, one way or another, throughout the years. As always this show was able to pack in the funny and the heart. Not sure any other comedy can do that seamlessly week after week.

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